Rony Alwin Snaps Nude Photos Of LA’s Hottest

by Calvin Clark on January 6, 2017

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While on vacation in Los Angeles I was blown away at how flagrantly attractive everyone is. Between the amateur actors and actresses looking to catch their big break while serving you coffee, the models standing next to you in the grocery store, and the tattooed hipsters wearing hardly anything –  I pretty much had a boner from the time I got there until I go home.

I’m a pretty normal looking guy but if I had to label my style I would say “clearly never surfed in his life but likes RVCA anyway” chic. It’s more or less impossible for me to approach these women unless I suspect they need a mechanic or I suddenly want to know what pepper spray feels like. However, I still like to look. Thankfully, celebrity photographer Rony Alwin has my back.

Alwin is one of those guys that goes to massive parties and photographs the beautiful people (like Zoe Voss). Anybody who knows one of these guys knows they tend to be pretty popular, and Alwin is pretty damn good at what he does. Like any artist, he’s also fascinated with the naked female body and one of his websites, Bad Kitty’s, is dedicated to it.

He runs four websites total, and each one has a distinct focus on the kind of women you see in the Los Angeles area. If you have never been there, it’s really difficult to explain how attractive everyone is. Rather than listen to me explain it, just check out some of Rony Alwin’s work. One man’s art is another man’s fap fodder, after all:

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