Runner Draws Dicks Around San Francisco Using GPS App

by RICK RODAY on August 7, 2014

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People who enjoy running are a fairly rare breed. While most of us may find a lengthy run to mind numbingly boring, runners find them to be euphoric. You can see them huffing around town wearing neon shoes and sweat-drenched spandex with really disgruntled looks on their faces but make no mistake- they are loving every minute of it.

Even the most dedicated runners need a little support once in a while, and to help them share their routes and connect with likeminded people Nike created an app that lets people plot their runs on a map using GPS.

These maps can be shared to the internet for other runners to comment on or to make your less active friends feel bad about themselves. Claire Wyckoff, a San Francisco based writer and voiceover artist, found a different use for the app.

She uses it to draw penises around San Fransisco by running dick shaped routes around the city. Hmm!

She studies maps of her neighborhood and plans routes she can run in order to draw pictures. For the most part she draws penises, which means Wyckoff spends a fair amount of time staring at maps trying to see dicks like some kind of bizarre Magic Eye poster.

Here are some examples of her amazing creations:


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