Russian Couple Caught Having Oral Sex In Court Room

by Calvin Clark on February 15, 2019

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Procedural crime dramas are my favorite tv show genre and watching them makes me feel qualified to give legal advice to strangers on the internet. This fascination with the criminal justice system has and positive experiences with jury duty have instilled a strong respect for the court in me.

Apparently the same can’t be said for a Russian couple who were caught having oral sex in a Sovetsky District court room. How rude!

When the judge presiding over the man’s case retired to his chambers to consider his verdict, his female companion took the opportunity to lean in and give him a blow job. The pair would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the security guards, cameras, and handful of witnesses sitting in the same room.

Perhaps the couple were expecting the judge to come back with a lengthy sentence and thought it was their last chance to swap fluids. At any rate a court officer quickly broke up the action after everyone sat and watched for a few minutes.

Though the man’s initial crime was not disclosed, news sources did reveal he was slapped with an additional contempt of court charge for getting his dick sucked in the court room. If the judge decides to throw the book at him he could see an additional four-month jail term. Blyat.

Many people were shocked by the couple’s actions and were surprised such a thing would happen in Russia. It’s not like they’re from  Florida.

Last year we read about a woman from Florida who made headlines after posting a video of herself giving a someone a blowjob in a Duval County courthouse. The woman is a well known exotic dancer and professional cam model who was at court for an unrelated drug charge. After footage of her sucking dick while waiting to have her case to be heard went viral, she finished her business and was released before anyone found out about the blow job. Floridians are expert at  this.

Hopefully the couple from this Russian dick sucking incident won’t end up in any further trouble. Currently it is unknown if the woman was charged with anything, but you never know how a judge will react to such a sign of disrespect for the law. Sometimes justice  blows.

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