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by MB on January 9, 2013

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Greetings listeners and welcome to another show here on Peeperz Radio! We hope you enjoyed your holidays. Our guest today is a legend in our industry who is only a few short films away from the Hall of Fame. We are very pleased to have to Ryan Conner as our guest! Also be sure to check out our other recent interviews with the tiny tornado Ana Foxxx as well as the golden-throated Mia Gold. All our interviews are available to download for free so load them onto your desktop and portable devices!

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Ryan Conner’s life can be mapped out rather nicely by her marriages. She isn’t Liz Taylor (8 times) but she is prolific none the less with 5 marriages. A combination of being a helpless romantic and a sheltered upbringing have been the major contributors for Ryan’s marriages. Ryan Conner was born in Santa Ana, California but was raised in Idaho.

She was also raised as a Jehovah’s Witness with a very strict religious household. Ryan was even what the Jehovah’s call a “Pioneer” …..your know the folks that knock on your door to preach to you? Incidentally this might have been the only time would have been glad to see them if Ryan had come knocking. Lingering thoughts on this concept make for a fine little fantasy. Ryan got married at age 18 to another Jehovah. This lasted one year and Ryan describes both the marriage ending and her departure from the Jehovah faith as an escape. She began dancing and cocktailing to pay the bills.

Husband #2 marked a milestone is Ryan’s life because he provided her, for the first time in her life at age 24, with her very first orgasm. Mind Blown. Life changing stuff. Ryan has called her entry into the world of adult films, “One of the best things I have ever done” and ” a God-send.”

She credits the industry for liberating her mentally and physically from the bonds that used to bind her. Ryan’s career exploded.  In just three short years after she started making films she had garnered 8 award nominations and was one of the industry’s top performers. She was also very famous for her booty which is undeniably easy on the eyes. Her scenes are white hot, check out her work in Ass Worship 2 and 3 as examples and bring a towel.

Ryan is currently retired but perhaps with some coaxing we can get her to come back and film some more scenes for us. If she does she will have been in the industry longer than ten years and she will be eligible for the AVN Hall of Fame. So tune in, get turned on and check out the unforgettable Ryan Conner!

Beg Ryan for more scenes via her Twitter here ———-> Twatter!

Check out a list of her credits here ——————–> Action!

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