Samantha Saint Pornstar Interview: She’s No Saint In The Sack

by Bucky Beall on December 15, 2011

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Samantha Saint is nominated in the category “Best New Starlet” for the upcoming 2012 AVN Awards and she’s got our vote for that award and any and every other, she is one sexy honey and we’re pumped, and busy pumping, because we have her on today’s installment of the Peeperz Pornstar Video Interviews.

Stuff it in your eyes and ears so you can discover all the juicy details on Samantha’s adventures in the wild outdoors, how you should talk dirty to her, why she loves body piercings, how porn helped to break down some personal taboos, and peepz, that’s just the tip of the sexy iceberg.

Don’t just watch her talk the talk, make sure you see her fuck the fuck! Get some action with Titty Tipper:  Samantha knows that big tits equals big tips, and she doesn’t mind using them at all. Until one of the clients has a problem with it, and complains to Mick Blue, the manager. Now Mick makes Samantha re-enact everything she did. Initially, Mick doesn’t realize how turned on Samantha will make him so she decides to take advantage of this by fucking Mick silly in order to secure her job. Click the link to make it happen Titty Tipper

Want to propose marriage to the pornstar you love? Need to find out what they do in their down time? Want to know their favorite color? Favorite sex toy? You can know it all, all you have to do is ask. Hit this link to Give Us Your Questions For The Pornstar Interviews.

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  • Sharmota_Egy

    She Knows

  • good  good oh oh

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  • Anonymous

    Not bad…….

  • Zena99

    Samantha is no saint, but she sure is wicked. 

  • I wanna kiss her ass
    ohh great ah ah

  • Starbury_182

    samantha saint is mad wicked, damn hot

  • Starbury_182

    sooo wicked

  • Starbury_182

    lol samantha is really wicked she got a rocking body, definitely a top model in my eyes. Kinda wish I was able to hook up with a pornstar lawl but I never meet any to even try! anyways wicked interview!

  • Niallgill

    wicked video

  • Niallgill

    wicked interview, she’s so cool

  • Sisicola

    Super Woman

    لا تغض بصرك.. حملة ضد التحرش

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