San Diego Comic Con: A Pornhub Insights Retrospective

The San Diego Comic Con was held last month and it turned downtown San Diego into an absolute mad house. I remember going to the con with my father as a boy and it was such a quaint experience back then. The convention was held in the same building but before several expansions and renovations. It was almost exclusively for people to buy, sell, and trade comics and let fans interact with artists.

Over the years Comic Con expanded their focus to include animation, television, and movies. Now it’s a full on Hollywood trade fair with exclusive trailers, billion dollar franchise reveals, and A-list celebrities trying really hard not to talk to the public. It’s at the point where a big shot comic book artist like Jim Lee can walk the floor and be entirely unnoticed by someone his work on their t-shirt.

That being said, it’s still a great weekend for fans of almost any work of fiction- especially if you’re trying to get laid.

There’s a saddle for every ass at the con. If you’re the biggest Doctor Who fan on the planet, you can meet the second biggest fan and probably make out. The whole building is heavy with sweaty cosplayers and sexual tension looking for an outlet. As you would expect this translates into a spike in internet porn traffic, and our friendly neighborhood statisticians at Pornhub Insights have the scoop. Excelsior!

Searches for the phrase “comic con” increased by 2767% in the greater San Diego area over the four days Comic Con was held. Now that we’ve lost the Chargers this is pretty much the biggest thing we have going on and, combined with the influx of fans from around the world, it makes for a lot of people trying to masturbate to busty MILFs dressed like Xena: Warrior Princess.

When it came down to the more specific genres of comic con porn people were looking for, big anime breasts and cosplay reigned supreme. Wonder Woman also made a decent showing, which is to be expected considering Gal Gadot’s role in the movie of the same name released earlier this year. It was a little surprising to see Harley Quinn so far down the list as Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character was the sexy breakout star of last year’s Suicide Squad. I guess the fancy of fanboys is fickle by nature.

Since super hero movies have broken every record in the movie industry, big budget comic book films are all the rage and this includes their porn parodies. The usually tongue-in-cheek campy flicks have increased their special effects quality but retained the humor and hardcore fucking that make them sometimes better than the Hollywood films they make fun of. If you haven’t seen one in a while they may be worth checking out.

If you want to see what other hot trends are taking the world of internet porn by storm, head over to Pornhub Insights and check out more of their in-depth reports.

Image: Mila Milan in The Cat’s Meow (XXX Parody) by Brazzers