Sara Jean Underwood Topless For The World Naked Bike Ride

by Bucky Beall on June 21, 2011

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It’s the first day of summer today, and there’s nothing summier than playmate and actress Sara Jean Underwood topless on a bike. Sarah Jean works as a correspondent for the video game and geek life tv program Attack of the Show, and it’s for them she traveled to Portland to participate in the World Naked Bike Ride.

I didn’t know there was a day set aside for biking around in the nude, apparently it’s a yearly worldwide event to raise awareness about bicycling and the environment and something something boobs titties snatch breasts boobie bazongas tatas.

I’m sure naked biking day is mostly full of ugly hairy hippies (I love’s ya ugly hairy hippies, don’t get me wrong, email me some nudie pics to prove your natural beauty to Bucky anytime), but I’m buying a bike  if more honeys like Sara Jean start pedaling around in the buff . Underwood sent out a few pics via Twitter, they don’t show off the goods too well, but hopefully some more explicit photos will surface.

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