Scarlett Johansson is finally NUDE!!! Totally Fucking Nude!!!

by Lola Byrd on April 22, 2014

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Miracles do happen. First there was Ghost World where a grown up Scarlett Johansson caught the eye of director Sofia Coppola. Then there was Lost in Translation where we were blessed and got to see the wonder that is Scarlett’s ass in a pair of pale pink transparent panties:


Best opening credits ever. 

Then came along a little movie called A Love Song for Bobby Long where I knew without a doubt that the meaning of my life was wrapped up in seeing Scarlett Johansson nude. That movie gave me a glimpse and my life as I knew it was over, because I had found a new mission in life:


I own this beauty – on DVD. 

Sure Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona offered their own brand of hotness, but I had to wait years – very long years – before I would see some real Scarlett Johansson nudity. Sadly (for her), it came about because some douche hacked her phone, but my baser desires couldn’t deny the bounty no matter how despicable I found the means.



Scarlett handled the media frenzy rather well and the actress only rose in my esteem. A beauty like that cannot be denied. Cannot. Be. Denied.

And I’m only too happy to report that the first full frontal we have of Scarlett Johansson comes to us via screen cap of a movie, because the actress choose to appear nude in Under the Skin. The best public nudity is consensual public nudity.

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