Science Reveals Benefits Of Being Single

by RICK RODAY on February 22, 2018

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With cuffing season coming to an end it’s time for those of us with unrealistic relationship goals to do some reassessment. Sure, our high standards may have hindered us and refusing to go out and meet new people made it nearly impossible to find love- but what’s so wrong with being single anyway?

According to one psychologist from the University of California Santa Barbara, being single has its own benefits and may even be better for some people. Hmm!

Despite long standing assertions that being in a committed relationship is better for one’s mental health than being single, changes in our society have caused some scientists to change their opinion. Using 100-year-old assumptions about the way people interact with each other renders a point moot, especially when I can post an emotional post on Facebook and get instant affirmation from some of my most beloved acquaintances.

It’s been observed by proponents of the single life that unmarried people tend to have stronger social networks. Thanks to the internet and smart phones interacting with friends is only a tap away and single people are better able to maintain friendships than those preoccupied with a time-consuming mate. As such they have a more diverse group of friends to draw support from during times of emotional distress.

Academic studies have also proven that single people are more likely to be physical fit. A life of solitude lends itself to active lifestyles and single people were found to be significantly more likely to exercise regularly than married people. Compounded with the fact that single people have the freedom to be more adventurous with both their social and sex lives and it’s fairly easy to see that being unattached isn’t as miserable as it was before the advent of Tinder and social media.

Then again it all depends on the individual. Being both happy and single sounds like a lot of work especially when I spend most of my nights alone on the floor, watching Netflix and pretending like I’m going to work out before falling asleep in the sit-up position.

I really should get out more… Oh well, maybe next winter.


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