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by Alpha Harlot on November 6, 2018

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Sex is an activity where all five of your senses can be affected. The way your partner looks, the mood music that is playing, the way their skin feels when you touch them, the way that their lips taste…all of these things can turn us on or turn us off. One thing that is sometimes overlooked until it’s an issue is the way that we smell.

Our bodies give off pheromones all the damn time. Sometimes mask the natural odors that our body creates with perfumes and other products, underneath it all is still our unique body chemistry. That chemistry is what attracts us to each other on a very primal level. Think about the last time you were walking down the street and caught a whiff of a food truck serving up something totally delicious. You tilt your head up and you are drawn to the smell.

Same thing with sex and apparently the frequency with which women orgasm.

One of my friends had surgery done on his sinuses to help with his breathing issues. The surgery was totally successful..but one side effect was that his sense of smell diminished a whole lot. A few weeks ago, one of his neighbors knocked on his door to see if he also smelled natural gas and my friend couldn’t smell a thing.

Totally dangerous stuff, Peepz. We take our noses for granted, maybe especially so in the bedroom.

Scientists at Technische Universitat Dresden performed a study that compared the sex lives of women who had great senses of smell with those who have terrible sniffers. They found that the ladies who could smell well orgasmed 60% of the time. While the other side of the coin was only orgasming 17% of the time.

That’s a huge gap, Peepz. Like HUGE.

In the Treehugger article that my friend forwarded to me (it’s linked below), they note that, because the environment is changing, so are our senses of smell (and taste, for that matter). Does that mean that we’re going to orgasm less? Or possibly are we going to find less pleasure in sex itself because our sense of smell is being dulled?

Sometimes I feel like all my physical senses are being dulled because of the amount of time I spend inside and in front of screens. I never even thought about my sense of smell falling victim. My friend also said that he had never made the correlation between the loss of his sense of smell and how it was effecting his sex life before. He admitted to me that, since he had his surgery, he has increased interest in sex but also the inability to perform occasionally when he gets the notion to have a go at himself (or his wife).

What do you Peepz think? Is smell an important part of your bedroom antics? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter.

Source: Tree Hugger

Image: Mindy in Smells Like Flowers by Reality Kings

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