Sex Dreams Part 1

by VERONICA BENCH on December 28, 2012

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Lately I’ve been having a lot of sex dreams. I’ll wake up very wet, the scene still whirling in my mind.

I had a dream in which I was a maid in an office building. I was vacuuming the long grey hallway and I heard a voice call out to me from a darkened doorway. I turned off the vacuume and walked slowly toward to voice, which was seated at a desk in low-light. The person had a cigarette going and I could see that they were smirking, though I couldn’t tell at first if they were male or female. “Come here,” the voice said and I obeyed. “Get on your knees,” it said and again I obeyed. “Keep your eyes on the floor,” it instructed.

The dark trouser legs walked by me and I could hear something being lifted off a shelf. It was a wooden ruler and soon I was being struck with it on my bare ass, repeatedly, until I was wailing. I was being reprimanded for something obviously, but I didn’t know what. The person put the ruler down and felt the welts on my butt with seeming satisfaction, admiring the work they had done.

Then they slid several fingers in my pussy, gently strumming my g-spot. It was a weird combination of torture and tenderness that drove me wild. I think I’m addicted to these sorts of mismatched affections. I came hard.

“Sit up and keep your eyes closed,” the voice said and I obeyed. “Open your mouth,” it said and I did. “Wider,” it said and I opened it as much as I could. Then one hand grasped me by the jaw and a big cock went in my mouth. The hand moved to the back of my neck and I sucked and sucked. I sucked the cock of a person whose face I hadn’t seen. The cock was wide and reached the back of my throat again and again, until it filled my mouth with so much cum that it ran down my face and neck and tits. Then I woke up.

I’m sure all you Peeperz readers are having sex dreams too. Please share your wet dreams with me in the comments!

  • BDY

    Similar to your dream most of my sex dreams are with faceless women. The last several however have been women I know either coworkers or friends. In all of them I have been eating their pussies.

  • B

    Can’t tell if I have sex dreams as I never remember them and I always wake up with a hard-on. If that happened sometimes, I’d say it was the dream, but it happens everytime, so I just assume morning wood, lol.

  • lexieloo

    I dream I was blindfolded and had rough kinky sex with my ex ._. It was hot I’m not gonna lie

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