Sex On Rafts! Sex With Rafts?

by Alpha Harlot on July 12, 2013

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I went down to my dad’s swinger palace last weekend to hang out by his pool.  Technically I’m not supposed to know that my dad and step mom are swingers, but it is what it is.  Earlier in life, I may or may not have stumbled upon photographic evidence that was then followed with a severe eye bleaching.

That’s what I get for being fucking nosy….learned my lesson for sure.

Anyway, my dad has these massive rafts in his pool.  Five of us were just floating around enjoying the sunshine.  Of course, since I’m a pervert and can’t keep my mind off of sex, I start thinking about the guys on XTube who post videos of raft sex.

It’s actually super interesting to watch.  Here’s one called I Hump a Lizard Ballon While on My Zebra Raft:

I love the look of happiness on his face while he makes the toys and the bed squeak.

Raft humping indoors is a hell of a lot easier to get away with then if you were to do it outdoors.  This guy from Ohio named Edwin Tobergta just got arrested for public indecency when he was caught doing the dirty to a rubber raft.

In broad daylight, he went into his own back yard naked and proceeded to rub his junk all over a rubber pool raft.  Now honestly, I feel like whatever a person wants to do in their backyard is their business, but you’ve got to make sure that no one can see you being pervy or there are going to be consequences.

In this guys case, the neighbor’s kid saw him doing the deed and ran inside to tell her mom that the neighbor, “was doing something weird out there.” When the neighbors confronted him, the guy he just kept apologizing and asking them not to call the coppers.

They weren’t about to let the guy slide so when the cops got there, Edwin was arrested.  Apparently back in 2011, he had gone to jail for a similar crime when someone caught him fucking a raft in the alley behind his old house. This guy either needs a lookout or to he needs to stop fucking inflatables in public.

I think he should start posting on XTube.  It’s kind of like being in public only it’s a lot more safe.

And one for good measure…just because I love XTube members so much

You guys should try jerking off like that…one of my ex’s swore by it.

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