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by Alpha Harlot on February 14, 2019

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I started re-watching Battlestar Galactica a few weeks ago. I won’t go into specifics of why I like the show, because there are a bazillion reasons. To give you a small gist, humans created these robot slaves called Cylons. The robot slaves gained intelligence and created other robots that look like humans. Those human robots came back for vengeance and one of the best Sci-Fi television franchises of all time was born.

Fight me if you think I’m wrong.

One of the main characteristics of the human-type Cylons (they’re called skin jobs…which sounds delightfully perverse) is that they are hyper-sexual beings. The first time I watched the show, without knowing much about what was going to end up happening, I thought of the Cylons as automated sex machines. I was totally of base, but that’s besides the point.

Sex dolls are much more than the cheezy blow up models that people bring to Stag parties. You can totally still get your hands on those, but you can also find a fuck ton of fancier ones to buy yourself…or, you can rent one for a few hours at a Sex Doll Brothel.

Someone claiming to have a partnership with KinkySdollS is attempting to get their brand of Sex Doll Escorts out to the people of Detroit, Michigan. You can already visit one of their “try before you buy,” doll spas in Toronto. While the owner of the company is denying that anyone he is associated with has set their eyes on Michigan, he admitted that they are looking into larger consumer markets, like New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

Those cities make a lot more sense to me, rather than trying to cash in on the devastated areas of Michigan that were plowed over by the auto industry.

People in the Detroit neighborhood of Southfield are pretty animate about the fact that they don’t want a sex doll brothel in their neighborhood. After the person claiming affiliation with KinkySdollS swung through the municipal office to see if there was any interest, the community responded with petition after petition explaining the need for a memoritorium against any business of that nature.

They got their wish for now, but would it really be that bad if there was a place to legally have sex with dolls in your neighborhood? I mean, sex is healthy, wanting to fuck is healthy. If you’re having an issue with finding someone to have sex with, is it that big of a deal if you go to a place and let your body go to town on an inanimate object?

The dolls available all seem to have top of the line features, like body head and AI voice capabilities. If you were to purchase one outright, you’re talking about an investment of over $2,000 USD. Renting them for an hour would only cost a few hundred. It’s a good idea, honestly. Can you imagine the amount of buyer’s remorse you would have if you spent $5K on a doll you fuck only to find out that you’re not actually attracted to sex with them?

Here’s a PornHub clip from Amateur DollLove to show you how much fun you can have with a sex doll all by yourself.

If there was a Doll Brothel in my neighborhood, I’d totally partake. I could have a threesome with a male doll and my wife. It’s like my ultimate fantasy come true. Plus the dude with the dick won’t be able to say anything to piss my wife off…which is usually what happens.

Would you partake in the antics of a sex doll brothel? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter if you want to secretly share your opinions.

Source: The Detroit News

Image: Lexi Lore in Sex Doll by Reality Kings

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