Sexalicious Celebrity Sextapes – Round 2!

by Jordan on May 23, 2011

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It’s 2011 and celebrity obsessions run high. I’m sad to admit that instead of reading authentic news I begin each morning with interweb celebrity gossip blogs. Have fun recognizing some of your favorite starlets in some delightfully compromising positions.

This was my sexy introduction to Kendra Wilkinson (now ex-girlfriend to Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner). Pre breast implants, quasi fame and of course was the 90’s. The dude in the video is also Kendra’s actual boyfriend which brings extra hotness points to this amateur vid.

Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Sex Tape brought to you by PornHub

I didn’t know who this skank was until we acquired her sextape, nor had I seen The Badd Girls Club….which has become my new secret obsession. They fight, throw bleach on each other and end every sentence in ‘bitch’ (as a term of endearment).It’s so disgusting it almost turns me on. What I find pretty rad about this video is that this is Ericka’s actual boyfriend. Bow chicha bow wooowww, bomp bomp.

Erica Lynne Sex Tape, XXX Home Porn Movies brought to you by PornHub

This is Kim Kardashian peaking…sure she’s made plenty of money since the release of this tape but this is still the greatest thing she has achieved to date.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J brought to you by PornHub

Oh Tila Tequila. This crazy fame whore climbed to D-list fame through her Myspace account, ‘music’ and eventually own reality show ‘Shot at love with Tila Tequila’. I somehow forget about her idiocy and mild to heavy retardation when I watch these videos as they are undeniably HOT.

Tila Tequila Lesbian Sex Tape from Vivid brought to you by PornHub

Tila Tequila Lesbian Raw Sextape brought to you by PornHub

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