SexToy Dave Wants To Mold Kanye’s Favorite Amber Rose Finger

by Lola Byrd on February 4, 2016

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Oh Kanye, what will he get into next? Such a silly boy. After getting into a Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa over a misunderstanding (Wiz tweeted the initials ‘KK’ and Kanye thought he was dissing Kim Kardashian when in reality Wiz was talking about weed, i.e. Khalifa Kush).

If you’re regular readers you’ll remember that the Twitter feud to end all Twitter feuds resulted in Kanye dissing Wiz’s baby mama Amber Rose who also happens to be Kanye’s ex- girlfriend. The feud ended with a poke to the prostate when Amber Rose tweeted:

I personally got a kick out of Amber Rose’s tweet. Girl knows how to end an argument. Kanye has since denied enjoying a little anal play, and he’s gotten on the PR train making sure everyone knows that the Kanye and Wiz feud is no more, but that hasn’t stopped people all over the blog-o-sphere from milking this story for all it’s worth (me included).

It seems that SexToy Dave, a prominent figure in online sex toy sales, has propositioned Amber Rose with a very special request. He’d like to mold Kanye’s favorite finger and turn it into a sex toy. In a letter to Amber Rose, SexToy Dave expresses his gratitude to Amber for bringing awareness to prostate stimulation to a larger audience.

To show his gratitude and to capitalize on this bit of publicity SexToy Dave would like to offer Amber Rose her very own line of sex toys, starting with a mold of the finger she used on Kanye. I’m hoping she says yes.

Check out the letter:


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