Scientists Discover Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning

by Calvin Clark on July 6, 2017

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A friend in college once told me that the most horrible cold he ever experienced was contracted when he performed oral sex on his girlfriend. This “pussy cold,” as he called it, had moved fast and left him a snotty mess and he warned me to watch out for it in the future. While I wasn’t sure if a common cold could be transmitted sexually, it did make me wonder what other illnesses could.

Never mind that I’ve never been sexually active enough to have a choice in the matter.

If I’m on a date and manage to be charming enough for it to advance to the bedroom, I’m not going to let a case of the sniffles get in my way. However one blogger did some clicking around and found that ciguatera, a crippling form of food poisoning, may also be transmitted sexually. Yikes!

Ciguatera is a disease one can get from eating contaminated fish and its symptoms include aching, vertigo, hallucinations and loss of muscle control. If these ailments sound kind of erotic to you, then you’re not alone.

Enough people managed to have sex despite contracting the devastating disease for researchers to determine that ciguatera can be sexually transmitted. Considering most people get food poisoning while traveling abroad, this kind of makes sense.

No matter where you’re from, you probably eat something that would make a foreigner very sick. People like to have sex while traveling and if they flew across the world to eat ceviche and have sex on the beach, they might not let vertigo and hallucinations stop them.

While doctors haven’t been able to analyze the semen or vaginal fluid of an infected person, there are a number of reported incidents of someone contracting food poisoning through sex.

These cases along with other evidence collected by scientists can be found in articles published by the CDC- so be sure to use protection if you can still manage to become aroused despite all the constant vomiting and dizziness.

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