Sexy Hot Bowjob GIFs For A Happy Monday Morning

by Lola Byrd on July 9, 2012

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As the stunning Camille Crimson, the Queen of blowjobs, has shown us there really is an art to cock sucking. A good blowjob can be a beautiful thing to behold. When done well, it can be a veritable masterpiece.

I’ve seen some truly horrible b-jays in my time though, I just tried looking for the worse blowjob I’ve ever seen with no luck. I should have bookmarked that shit when I had the chance, but I was simply too horrified to think straight. You’re probably better off without the video that scared me for life anyhow.

Just imagine someone with the motor skills of a zombie on speed and you’ve got a pretty good approximation, but this list isn’t about the worse blowjobs in the world, it’s about the art of cock sucking captures in a mesmerizing GIFs to kick start the week with a nice stiffy.


Gawd, that’s sexy. Imagine looking down at this beauty while she licks the tip of your cock? This is the meaning of life!


I’m hoping this guy has a long cock; it would make this deep throat that much more impressive. Look at the mouth open wide. That chick has skills.


Beautiful cock licking close-up. Great use of tongue and lips. It’s fucking mesmerizing.


Look at that mouth twist and suck; it’s a beautiful sight. And check out those amazing tits!


Nice and messy. Just the way I like it.

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    • Boo. 

    • Barney Rubbles

      You’re appalled?  I’m DISGUSTED with your inability to spell…Mo-ron.

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    Whos is the girl in the main article picture?

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      X art Veronica

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    What’s the name of girl #1

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