Sexy YouTube Spotlight: BIKINIS!

by DAISEE DUKES on April 13, 2012

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Spring is in the air, finally! That means most women have resumed their annual masochistic starvation rituals to lose winter weight before bikini season. Good luck with your crazy low blood sugar future hot-piece-of-ass, son! The good news is that on YouTube, you can find a sane oasis of bikinis ALL YEAR ROUND.

Ever want to walk in on a bunch of hot chicks in a pool changing room? Well imagine if it happened to you on purpose:

Or if a hot chick in a bikini got changed in front of you:

I know this isn’t a YouTube video, but it sure is NICE!

I actually thought this one was going to end badly:

This one definitely ends badly:*

*death by orgy.

Bikini pageantry!

The best beach bodies of all: bikini-bearing contortionists!

Tired of not seeing the nipples of bikini clad lass? Here’s how to finally get the beach nudity you are craving by making someone you know (that you haven’t seen naked, hint-hint!) a dissolving bikini:

Or, as one wise commenter on YouTube said,

“thats way too much work for fun…how bout:
step 1: log onto internet
step 2: look for porn
step 3: masturbate
step 4: clean-up
step 5: sleep

‪- justfuckingaround 4 days ago”



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