Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Booty Clap

by DAISEE DUKES on December 27, 2012

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I already wrote a post about a year ago about twerkers, but I never focused specifically on the dance move known as the booty clap.

Before I show you how not to clap your junk, here is a woman who is an ass clappin’ pro:

Then, watch me fail to clap dat ass:

This white girl also fails, but I guarantee your manhood will win while watching it on repeat:

“Bonus points for being in the kitchen,” said one YouTube assficionado:

Here’s a legit pornstar mega clap:


Finally, a generous playlist of rumps ricocheting without any music interfering with the sound of flailing fat:

If you can ass clap, please send video links to You know, for science.



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