Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Bras

by DAISEE DUKES on January 28, 2013

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Bras are beautiful torture devices, so I decided to dissect one and show you the anatomy of a bra:

Oh, I also may be showing you other parts of my anatomy if I raise enough money for my web video brafoonery:

Back to over-the-shoulder boulder holders! This is part four, I repeat part four of this pervy series:

Who would you like to touch?

Big, boobalicious breasts in bras line up:

Lingerie that suits curvy figures featuring a chubby cutie:

Bra shapes guide with a rotating hottie:

Your guide to the milky mounds in nursing bras:

Blah blah blah blah blah blah boobs and bra size:

What is this, I don’t even:

Some men will do anything to take off a woman’s bra. RAAAHHH RAAAAAH! Oh, Japan:

This is a damn expensive and a damn beautiful bra:

Miranda Kerr’s fantasy bra:

Finally, a bra fetishist’s playlist:

Don’t forget to support my Indiegogo campaign and you might see my brassiere too!


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