Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Caramel Kitten

Ms. Kitten is a fabulous find on YouTube because she’s a rare combination of hilarious and sexy… much like myself! 😀

Funny Caramel twerks her luscious ass and performs a catchy little rap at the same time just about everywhere she can in public. The results are gluteal and penile magic. LOL. She twerks it by the mailbox:

She twerks at the library AND respects noise rules:

She twerks it for the animals just like you:

She even twerks at Walmart:

A message to her fans and some fabulous disses for her haters:

Of course there’s already a parody of her:

And then there’s me previously failing to clap my booty:

…but Caramel successfully taught me how! SLOW CLAP CLAP CLAP!

Happy clapping and fapping!


Daisee Dukes.

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