Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Looners

by DAISEE DUKES on November 2, 2012

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Earlier this week, the strange fetish I discovered was wind blowing women’s hair, and now it’s women blowing… air into balloons! Bet you didn’t know about looners, who are people that get off on either caressing and sitting on balloons (“non-poppers”) or popping them and watching others pop them (“poppers”).

How did I happen upon Krusty the Clown’s secret crush? After creating this short blooper reel from one of my LOLPervs videos:

I received this suspicious comment:

I also spiked thousands of views in less than two days, which could only indicate one thing: I tapped into the traffic of a fringe fetish. Wikipedia confirmed my hypothesis, so I popped on over to YouTube (see what I did there?), poked around and discovered a wide assortment of YouTube popper videos to get your inflator pumping.

The pink balloon is pretty dick-like in this one:

And even more phallic in this one:

Shoe fetishists and looners rejoice:

A big girl with a big balloon:

A bikini babe and her latex sphere:

Best buds, busts and big balloons:

Balloonophiles rejoice! Here’s a 200 video playlist of luscious loonorama!

Are you ready to burst?




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