Sexy YouTube Spotlight: My Little Brony

by DAISEE DUKES on June 25, 2012

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I know you probably like to play with yourself, but do you fancy playing with toy ponies? How about doing both at the same time? If so, you are known as a Clopper Brony!

For those not furiously fapping their raging “poners,” a regular man* fan of the new My Little Pony is called a Brony, whereas the perviest form is called a Clopper.

*He may or may not be 15-years-old and forever alone.

Clopper anthem:

This normal looking dude lets his freak fan fly:

Here’s the manliest Brony alive because a handlebar moustache always make a man legit:

Deeper into the madness, if you want the ultimate spank bank of a Clopper go to:


dI think this final image really drives the porny anthroponyism home:

So have you turned Clopper yet?

Because I have the strangest poner right now.



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