Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Sexy Models

by DAISEE DUKES on April 20, 2012

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Guys, I tried. I entered the search terms “underwear,” “cheaters,” “hookers,” and “sexy fangirls” and came up with nothing YouSlutty enough. So in lieu of a YouTuber fap package, I give you a few random sexy vids of nude models as a boner-inducing consolation prize for my research ineptitude:

Great Brazilian bare asses at the midway point:

HD Pirelli Calendar documentary featuring naked supermodels. Sexytimes start at 2:20 and a nude Kate Moss at 3:30:

A beautiful busty model frolics amongst mannequins:

Blah blah blah naked art model hipsters making out next to old people blah blah art:

And to reward you for that nonsense, here’s Lara Stone nude:

Beautiful YouJerk accomplished!



P.S. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I’m not nude in this, but I am a model and I also make you breakfast. <3

If you have suggestions for sexy YouTubers, please e-mail them to! Also, please remember to check out MY sexy channel,!

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