Sexy YouTube Spotlight: Sexy Shuffling & Shaking

by DAISEE DUKES on October 22, 2012

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Time for some techno tarts and hip hop hussies shaking and shuffling their ladyparts!

Shuffling in heels:

Lots of acrobatic ass shaking in this one:

A plethora of shaking bums in pretty plumage:

When this “jumpstyle girl” kicks, you can sometimes see her underwear:

Furry boot bootie shuffle:


Lots of aerobics ass in this one:

Finally, the sex in this one is off the charts:

Bonus SEXXXXXXXXXXXX… brought to you by Crystal Light!

I am now shuffling in a thong… like a champion!



P.S. If you have suggestions for sexy YouTubers, please e-mail them to! Also, please remember to check out MY sexy channel.

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