Some Pervy Lady Gaga Shots By The World’s Perviest Photographer

Every week I call in sick so I can sit under the city library stairs with my 2003 Nokia cellphone using it’s built in camera to take pictures up the skirts and shorts of the women entering and leaving the building for my private collection of “Bucky’s Girlfriends”, I’m sharing this shameful hobby to make the point that I’m a sick weirdo but I still think this guy is a perv:

Come on, if you saw this guy on a bench by himself at a kids park  you’d call the cops, but this is popular fashion photographer Terry Richardson, known for, allegedly, coercing young beginning models into sucking his dick (allegedly, I said allegedly so that means you can’t sue) and for taking naked-ish pics of famous peeps.

He’s besties with Lady Gaga and has snapped a large number of photos of her both candid shots and staged photoshoots, strangely they’re not as porny as you’d think but there’s a few where you can see her nips/tittytittys in see thru garb plus some other fleshy shots, click the thumbnails below for the larger versions: