Some Pussy Eating Tips

by VERONICA BENCH on May 1, 2013

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I was going down on a girl last night and paying close attention to what she liked. I always do this. If I don’t get a girl off it throws me into a huge depression. Like what could be worse right?

It turned out she was just like me and a bunch of other girls I’ve eaten. She liked me to lick slow circles around her clit. If you have never tried this on a girl, I suggest you go find a twat and get started.

You can speed up once your lucky date is a little wet and open, but starting slow is pretty essential unless she’s super excited and pushes your head down there like a maniac. I’ve been with a few of those girls, the grinders. They go from zero to ten. But most girls need to get a little warmed up and I like to be the one to do it.

Last night I was eating out this girl Beth. She’s sort of submissive so she didn’t ask me to lick her or anything. She just lied there while I pulled off her panties and spread her open. A lot of girls are so embarrassed by their twats and I think it’s the saddest thing in the world. I love the ones who ask for what they want and proudly.

Beth isn’t like that at all so I just did what I’d do to myself if my tongue reached that far. I liked circles and she responded immediately. After I was at it for a while I sped up and incorporated some clit flicks which feel especially good once the pussy is all wet and hungry (and hers was at this point).

Then I stuck two fingers in and reached for the special spongy thing that makes girls howl—her g-spot. I’m sure all you horndogs are very familiar with this tender button but if not, take a look at an anatomical drawing of a chick and memorize it.

I didn’t know about my g-spot for way too long. My parents are totally uptight and never talked to me about sex. Incidentally, look what that results in: a total sex maniac for a daughter! Anyway, it wasn’t till after high school that I totally understood all the nerves between my legs.

So I rubbed Beth’s g-spot while surrounding her clit with my whole mouth and sucking a little. She was into it. I got a hair tug, which is always nice (unless it’s too hard and I lose some hair. Those girls are evil). I always know when a girl is about to cum because her pussy gets really plush and swollen and slick. Then I reach up to pinch a nipple and wait for a long sexy scream. YUM.

Eating a pussy like it’s a delicious peach brought to you by Tube8

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