Spain Appoints New ‘Sex Tsar’ To Address Low Birth Rate

by RICK RODAY on March 1, 2017

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The entire time I was in school Earth’s population was roughly estimated to be about six billion people. Today we’re at nearly seven and a half billion and scientists expect us to hit eight sometime around 2025. That’s an impressive feat of procreation for walking water-bags who live on a rock that’s hurling through space.

Depending on who you ask this is either a testament to the overall improvement in the quality of life humanity has achieved or a sign that we’re heading towards disaster as a result of population. We’re either approaching a golden age in human history or a Mad Max style apocalypse where wars will be fought over luxuries like drinking water and fossil fuels.

And then there’s Spain.

While other countries are trying to figure out what to do with all their surplus people, Spain is experiencing a declining birthrate and the government doesn’t like it. To help identify the causes of and solution to the country’s shrinking population Spain has appointed a “sex tsar” to encourage young, responsible Spaniards to have unprotected sex for the sake of god and country.

The appointment of Eldermira Barreira as the new sex tsar comes after news that Spain’s birthrate was “catastrophically low,” while the rate of death remained cold and unwavering. As a result, the world is losing Spaniards faster than it is gaining them. Hmph!

Statistics revealed Spanish women had an average of 1.3 children in 2015 which is well below the EU average of 1.58. Spain’s birthrate has fallen 18 percent since 2008, and between 1977 and 2015 the number of childless couples has nearly tripled from 1.5 to 4.4 million.

According to Spain’s education ministry, the declining birthrate and shrinking Spanish population “aggravates other economic imbalances and generates important ‘impacts’ in the Welfare State.” Experts went on to claim young Spaniards are tired after working long hours and see children as making life only more exhausting. Well, I guess they’re right about that.

Still, the government hopes their new sex tsar can help identify ways to make life easier for Spain’s young couples so they can quit working so hard and get to the baby making.

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