Spanish MILFs Get Naked To Raise Money For School Bus

by Calvin Clark on September 9, 2016

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During July of last year the a school district in Eastern Spain cut funding for the bus when a law was passed that changed the requirement for free transportation.

This resulted in numerous children having to travel nearly four and a half kilometres over a mountain on foot. In an effort to raise money for a bus to pick up their children and also bust the chops of local politicians, a group mothers decided to put together an erotic fundraising calendar. God damn I love Spain.

The Spanish MILFs appear provocatively dressed while scaling cliffs, pushing prams along dirt tracts to represent the hardships their children were facing get to school. In just a few weeks since it was released, the mothers raised enough money to pay for a bus for three months. Either the people of Valencia, Spain are really generous or we’re talking about some seriously hot mothers.

Their plan didn’t go off without its share of hitches, however. During the second month of trying to selling the calendar they were removed from the town center by police for peddling smut.

One of the mothers quickly noted that they weren’t selling the erotic calendars, merely using them as a means of showing appreciation for donations. While the calendar isn’t widely approved of throughout the community, they had few options and it’s getting the job done.

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