Stop Motion Video Of Erotic Model Getting Naked

by Bucky Beall on August 29, 2011

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Here’s a unique video by photographer Chip Willis of an unique erotic model who goes under the handle “Echo” – the vid is actually a stop motion sequence of dozens and dozens of still photos all assembled to create movement…awesome movement of this hottie getting naked, writhing around all sexy like, and touching herself.

And what a hottie! If you read Peeperz often or at least skim the words before watching the vids or checking out the pics,  you know I often heap praise on the lovely forms of  many actresses, models, pornstars, and that is because I like to think I know how to recognize and appreciate beauty or maybe it’s because I’m a desperate perv who finds every peek of a tit to be so titillating I have to tell the whole world about it – your call which one it is but regardless Echo is a lady to keep your eye on, hell I can’t keep my eyes off of her (feel free to take in her blog at there’s more nudie pics of her there).


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