Strippers Lawyer Up, File Civil Rights Suit Against Police!

by Calvin Clark on October 15, 2017

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A while back we read about a San Diego strip club that was unlawfully raided by heavily armed police officers. Strippers were asked to show their permits, pose for photographs, and felt like they were being treated like criminals in what should have been a routine inspection.

The constitution protects Americans from unlawful searches, meaning the police can’t barge into a home or business without probable cause. However the San Diego Police Department seems to think this doesn’t apply to women who rub glitter on their tits and grind on fully clothed boners for a living. Hmph!

Twenty-five dancers from the club filed a civil rights claim against the SDPD claiming their rights were violated when armed officers entered their work, held them against their will, and took revealing pictures of their tattoos.

Everyone knows you can’t take pictures at a strip club!

Managers for Cheetahs Gentleman’s Club claim to have a spot free record of compliance with all laws and regulations and say the business strives to be a contributing member of their community. Officers had no legally valid reason to enter the building armed to the teeth, and invasively photograph and interrogate dancers as if they were gang members or convicted felons.

The SDPD, however, claimed officers acted within protocol. They said people in this industry agree to these inspections when they apply for the appropriate permits, and that the photographs are required because strippers often change their appearance.

Lawyers for the dancers said making them disclose personal information, undress to be photographed, and subject them to demeaning searches and seizures extends far beyond what police are allowed to do during these inspections.

The San Diego Police Department isn’t known for being particularly respectful towards women, and there have been numerous scandals and resignations in recent years because of inappropriate behavior by officers.

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