Study Finds Parkinson’s Medicine Making Patients Sex Crazed?

by RICK RODAY on July 5, 2018

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I have a family history of Parkinson’s and have seen people struggle with it firsthand. The disease effects the central nervous system and most commonly causes uncontrollable shaking. The symptoms can range in type and severity and often treated with drugs that effect the brain’s chemistry.

According to scientists some of these drugs may even turn patients into uninhibited sex fiends!

A recent study published in a medical journal for neurologists revealed that common medications for Parkinson’s disease can lead to problems controlling impulses. Patients on these drugs have been observed to develop problems with gambling, impulsive shopping, and compulsive sexual activity.

I have absolutely no intention of making fun of a brutal disease that effects millions of people around the world. HOWEVER, should you already have the disease what’s the harm in also engaging in a little inhibited casual sex. Why not make the best of a bad situation?

It’s not like these drugs are forcing people to have sexual thoughts. They’re simply removing the prudish limiters that stop people from doing what they secretly want to.

Parkinson’s medications work by targeting the brain’s dopamine production to help maintain normal production levels and relieve some of the disease’s symptoms. A side effect of all this science is an increased intensity of preexisting cravings like gambling, sex, and hardcore pornography.

One patient developed such a compulsive desire for pornography that he went broke feeding his addiction. Maybe he didn’t know about what a great value and variety of high definition porn that can be found with an affordable Pornhub Premium membership!

The study was done by following the lives of Parkinson’s patients over a five-year period. In that time, they observed a much higher occurrence of impulse-control disorders in people taking certain Parkinson’s medications than those who didn’t.

Researchers also revealed that younger patients were at a greater risk of developing impulsive behaviors as a result of these medications. Fortunately, these behaviors went away within a year after patients stopped taking the specific drugs.

Scientists involved with the study encouraged anyone with concerns about their medications to consult a doctor, which is definitely what you should do instead of getting medical advice from a porn blogger who had to read two Wikipedia articles just to write this incredibly uninformative and inaccurate post.


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