Supermodel Leilani Dowding Topless Beach Time

by Bucky Beall on September 8, 2011

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No one writes about model and reality tv star Leilani Dowding without using the word “exotic” and since we’re nothing but groundbreaking I won’t use the word “exotic” even though I just used it twice, she’s half Filipina so maybe that’s why she gets the exotic label or maybe it’s because she’s British and most British women are dumpy, overweight, and toothless, so her luscious good looks make her exotic in comparison.

Regardless, I won’t argue that’s she’s a unique beauty with smallish but perfect perky tits, the same titty-tit-titties we’ve seen a few times before, like the time she went swimming topless. Oh and hey, guess what? Just this week she was out swimming again where she was caught by a “paparazzi” who just happened to get gorgeous photos of her breasts out and bikini off, isn’t that a weird coincidence? Especially weird as her new reality tv show starts on VH1 in a few weeks….Anyhoo, I’m a sucker for a nude publicity stunt, lets just bite the bait and enjoy this exotic honey’s topless beach frolics.

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