Another Super Model Getting Naked for the Sake of Art

I can’t think of anything witty to say… She’s naked and I like her boobs. Is that good enough? Bucky would probably give me a spanking if that was the actual extent of my post, so I’m gonna make a little effort here. Huh…give me a sec…still thinking… Okay, here goes….I really like her boobs.

You would think that the only difference between pornstars and models is that one class of babe is paid to take their clothes off while the other class of babe is paid to wear clothes, but more often than not it’s the model that’s going around butt naked. They’re called models, because they’re supposed to model clothes, right? As in wear them…

Not that I’m complaining mind you. I love me some supermodel breasts….but the semanticist in me wants to point out this contradiction in terms. Could we change the definition of model or something? I think I would sleep better at night knowing that models were in fact being paid just to be beautiful and naked. Hell, fashion shows are just a higher class stripclub as far as I’m concerned. Let’s all agree to do away with the overpriced frocks, and the pretense of fashion. You know and I know that we’re all in it for the same thing: naked supermodel.

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