Survey Reveals American’s Sex Fantasies

by Calvin Clark on February 14, 2018

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With more mainstream movies and television shows using sex to make up for poor writing, obvious Americans are getting kinkier. This is good for the industry because it creates niches for pornography that showcases exciting sex in everyday situations- like plumbers snaking drains and neglected MILF vaginas at the same time.

However while there may be some people who refuse to watch porn for moral reasons, it’s safe to say everyone with functional genitals has sexual fantasies that they may or may not act upon.

My personal fantasy is to get yelled at by an assertive, driven female boss only to have her completely ravage me behind closed doors. Unfortunately I work from home, so getting in arguments on Facebook and then masturbating to the negativity has to suffice.

In an effort to find out what other Americans are fantasizing about, Durex ran a survey on people’s fantasies and actual sexy experiences. They asked 1,000 people over the age of 21 where they would like to have exciting sex, and where they already have. Hmm!

Having an orgasm in a car was the fantasy for 23% of respondents, while 36% admitted to having done it already. Meanwhile 30% wished to have sex on a plane and only 5% have actually accomplished it. I guess the Mile High Club is a more exclusive bunch than we thought.

Other popular locales for exciting sex included the office, fitting rooms, and on top of a roof or balcony.

On the lesser desired side of things, a few people admitted to fantasizing about sex in church or at a cemetery, and 15% of people cited the library as somewhere they would like to have sex. Amateurs!

My personal sexual history may not be all that exciting, but I did once have sex with a classmate in the library during college. We were in the 24-hour study section preparing for a test and had managed to reserve a study room at about 11pm. We were stressed out and frustrated, which makes for some really nerdy, sloppy sex.

It was hardly my best performance, but the threat of potentially being walked in on our heard makes it one of the more memorable orgasms of my life.

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