Survey Says: Women Have Better Orgasms From Masturbation

by RICK RODAY on January 4, 2018

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I’m all about DIY culture. Anything you can do yourself is something you know can be done right. Completing tasks with your own hands can be a rewarding and educational experience. Even if you don’t know how to do something that needs to be done, simply starting can be a great way to figure it out along the way.

That being said I did try to cut my own hair one time and I looked like a total idiot for two weeks.

According to a recent study by a reputable sex expert and doctor of psychology, taking matters into your own hand may be the best way for women to achieve an orgasm. Dr Nicole Prause conducted a survey and discovered that most women claim their best and most satisfying orgasms came from masturbation.

With nearly two decades of experience I’m probably as good as a man can get at pounding off. However, I doubt these results hold true for the unfairer sex as I much prefer actual sex to a game of five-on-one.

Dr Prause is the mastermind behind Liberos, a US lab that explores the science behind sex. She says that when it comes to the female orgasm women know their bodies better than anyone else. Speaking of the survey that brought her to this conclusion, she said “surprisingly, people asked to rate the intensity of their orgasms consistently say that their orgasms from self-stimulation feel more intense than their orgasms with a partner.”

The purpose of this study was probably to encourage women to masturbate more as opposed to ditching their horrible lovers. We’ve read numerous studies that tout the health benefits of self-love for both men and women, and given the stigma some cultures place on female masturbation it doesn’t hurt to throw some encouraging facts at the subject.

Meanwhile male masturbation, at least from my experience, doesn’t come close to sexual intercourse. Not that I read an instruction manual or anything. I could be doing it wrong.

Nobody ever teaches us how to masturbate, everyone kind of just figures it out and assumes they’re doing it correctly. If you’re lucky you don’t automatically assume you invented it and start talking about your discovery to your family.

Not only did I ruin the mood at Christmas dinner, but it took me years to live down the embarrassment.


Image: Jessica Ryan in The MILF Experience by Brazzers

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