Swedish Popstar Tove Lo Slips A Nip While Filming A Video!

I had no idea who Tove Lo was until two minutes ago. I’m clearly out of touch, considering the Swedish popstar is rather popular with the youths. To think I would still be in the dark if it weren’t for her nip slip?! Crazy. Come to think of it, wardrobe malfunctions are the only reason I know half of today’s starlets. It’s not like people still buy CDs or watch videos. I don’t even think MTV airs music videos anymore.

Anyhow, Tove Lo was on a beach somewhere in LA the other day filming a video for her single “Timebomb” in the buff. Thanks to one of the world’s degenerates we’ve got some grainy shots of Tove Lo in some skimpy outfit and a few shots of her kneeling on the ground in the nude with her arms over her chest. Boobs are hard to contain, you see, and one of her nips totally slipped the cage of her arms.

Hurrah for escaping boobs and the pervs who wait in the wings for such moments to happen. I’m hoping we get to see more of Tove Lo’s flesh, because I think she’s a hottie. Whatever you do, though, don’t Bing image search “Tove Lo nude” because you get some pics of a seriously underage-looking girl. *Shudder* Those pedo shoots with 18 year olds undressed to look like they’re younger really creep me out.

Can’t wait for “Timebomb” to hit a Youtube near me.

Thank God for Youtube:

Click on images below for larger versions:

Image: Tove Lo candid pics

Via thenipslip.com – Check out Lola Byrd’s blog misslolawants.com

  • Was this filmed right next to that Chrissy Teigen thing? It was a good week for pervs in the bushes at the beach.

    • They’re the same person.

      • CHRISSY TEIGEN IS TOVE LO?! Or did you mean the guy in the bushes?

        • I meant the first one, but the second one is a possibility also.

  • Zach Becvar

    I still buy CDs. And I remember when MTV played music videos.

    • You still buy CDs?! Wow, that’s kind of impressive actually.

      • Zach Becvar

        Yeah, I relish the looks I get from the people working the register when I do. But that’s nothing, I used to listen to cassettes on a Sony Walkman when I walked to school till about my sophomore year of high school when I finally got a portable CD player.

        • Do you have an extensive CD collection? I still have some tapes and vinyl records and cds lying around, but it’s so easy to just turn on itunes on my computer. It’s a shame really, because I think I was more involved with my music when I had a dedicated CD collection. Buying the CD, sitting down with it, listening to the whole thing while looking at the booklet, which hopefully had lyrics and plenty or liner notes was a whole experience. Now I just download stuff and I don’t even remember it’s on there.

          • Zach Becvar

            My itunes has about 8000 somethings songs in it which is the entirety of my CD collection plus about maybe a dozen songs I’ve downloaded. I haven’t counted it up in a long time but I’m sure its well into the hundreds. Now when I buy a CD I might listen to it once in my car, then it gets put in itunes and loaded onto my ipod.

            I like having the actual disc. I prefer the physical thing to just downloading an album or a song.

          • But what’s the point if buying a CD if you’re just going to load it to your computer anyhow?

            P.S. What kind of music do you like… Like what are your favorite albums?

          • Zach Becvar

            There probably isn’t any point to it. It’s just how I roll.

            I listen to all sorts of different music. I figured out one time that I have songs in over a dozen different languages. My collection includes rock, pop, new age, Celtic, some country, instrumental, classical vocalists, I don’t know what else.

            I don’t think I have favorite albums but there are certain ones that are special to me because they helped me get through difficult times.

            My favorite artist is Hayley Westenra because her music is a large part of the last paragraph.

      • I’m 23-years-old and I buy CDs to this day. My collection just hit the 800 mark! 🙂

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