This year’s AVN Awards are on January 21, 2017 and will be hosted by Riley Reid and Aspen Rae.

I won’t even begin to pretend I watched every single entry, so it’s not like I’m actually qualified to vote or even predict a winner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my faves. I’m picking Jenna Sativa as All-Girl Performer of the Year, Kimmy Granger as Best New Starlet, and AJ Applegate seems like a likely winner for Female Performer of the Year.

Don’t forget to vote for your fan favorites!

All-Girl Performer of the Year

Aiden Ashley
Lily Cade
Jayden Cole
Darcie Dolce
Val Dodds
Prinzzess Felicity Jade
Kenna James
Shyla Jennings
Jelena Jensen
Ryan Ryans
Jenna Sativa
Celeste Star
Charlotte Stokely
Tanya Tate
Vanessa Veracruz



I love the Fan Awards, because everyone gets to vote not just the AVN chosen and they have fun awards like “Best Boobs” and “Best Ass,” which is what people like me care about. Sure, it’s basic, but whoever said there was something wrong with being a basic bitch?! Oh wait – –

The AVNs aren’t like the Oscars… The Academy has something like 6,000 members, which makes for a lot of voters while the AVNs has something like 23 voters give or take a few depending on the year. That’s a small voting pool. I was surprised to read that their were so few people deciding who got what award at the AVNs. It can’t be hard to influence the vote when there’s only 23 of them, just saying.

At least with fan voting you get a good cross-section of society, which I feel is less limiting than having to deal with a voting panel of a chosen few.

Favorite Female Performer

Riley Reid


She’s a cutie that’s for sure. I hope she never ever ever gets a boob job. I love Riley just the way she is.

Favorite Male Performer

Keiran Lee


Madison Ivy & Keiran Lee in “Summertime Spraydown.”

There’s a reason Keiran is a Brazzers exclusive contract star.

It’s his accent.

Okay, his accent and his dick.

Hottest Newcomer

Abella Danger




Gawd, this post took forever to write. Copy, click, paste. Copy, click, paste, over and over again until you want to shoot yourself in the head with a dick shaped gun. I’m glad I decided to show you guys just a fraction of the winners, otherwise, I would have been at this all day. I mean, if you really care who won the AVN Award for Best Soundtrack go look at the list of winners yourself, but if all you want are the highlights and maybe discover some new favorite ladies along the way then by all means read on, my friend. Read on.

All-Girl Performer of the Year

Shyla Jennings


BBW Performer of the Year

Karla Lane


Best Actor

Tommy Pistol, Stryker, Digital Playground/Pulse


Best Actress

Penny Pax, The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries, New Sensations Erotic Stories




I dated a girl in college named Christie Stevens (name changed for privacy reasons). In a lot of ways she was exactly like the Christie Stevens in today’s PornhubTV video. They both went to college, were both female and they both enjoyed breathing air. The main difference is that Christie Stevens the pornstar actually puts out.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah – the land of bible-thumping Mormons – Christie worked as a stripper for several years before entering the adult industry in 2011 at the age of 24. Apparently, she was inspired to join after watching a documentary on Jenna Jameson. In reality, I suspect she grew tired of extracting Mormon boys (and girls) from their magic white undergarments.

Since entering the industry, she’s worked with several ‘big’ pornstars including Lex Steele – and let’s be honest, you don’t get much bigger than that – and even done a live set with the world’s oldest surviving pornstar and Cro-Magnon man Ron Jeremy. Ok, I’m making up one of those Ron Jeremy facts.

When PornhubTV caught up with Christie at the 2015 AVN Awards, she was more than happy to tell Kong and Mia some interesting sexual details about herself, both on and off the camera. Why did her weirdest fan experience involve a balloon? What type of porn does she look forward to doing in the future? What type of porn won’t she do (maybe)? And what was that about Charlie Sheen? All this and more revealed in the video below.



This time around I have two PornhubTV interviews for you with pornstars at opposite ends of the adult entertainment spectrum – Karen Fisher and Alix Lynx.

Karen Fisher got her start in the adult industry in 2002 and has stared in over 50 films. She’s now the ripe (albeit firm) old age of 38 which means she’s well into the MILF part of her career. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s a smoking hot blonde with fabulous Double D breasts and a phat-tastic booty to match. So much so that PornhubTV host Kong can’t resist some ass motor boating action – hey, at least he asked first this time.

Up next is Alix Lynx, a relative new comer to the adult entertainment scene, filming her first scene in 2014. Alix started out as a webcam girl – and if you feel like spending some hard earned bank credit, you can still find her live online and ready to perform for you.

Would you believe Alix has a Bachelors Degree and MBA in Digital Marketing, and worked an office job in PR and Social Media Marketing before branching into adult? She claims that job boredom led her into porn. I also work in social media, but fortunately for everyone I can’t be found naked in front of my webcam. Hi mom!

Check out the full interviews below. Karen reveals the craziest thing she has done on camera, and what exactly a bakkake tastes like. Inquiring minds want to know this stuff. And Alix describes how she accidentally became involved in a 10 person orgy. Oops! I guess we’ve all been there.



When one hears the name Jessica Bangkok, one might assume she’s a girl from Thailand. Truth be told, my childish mind immediately thinks of the old Confucius quote “Man who goes through airport door sideways going to Bangkok”. But that’s just me.

Jessica however is not from Thailand, she’s in fact from Oakland, California, and her parents are both Filipino and Guamanian. Either way, she can bang my cock any day.

Jessica started her adult entertainment career in 2007 at the age of 27. Since then she has appeared in over 250 videos and earned a reputation as one of the hottest Asian performers in the industry, working with such legendary stars as Asa Akira and Nicole Ray.

One of the most viewed PornhubTV videos from last year’s 2014 AVN Awards was the Interview with Jessica Bangkok. This time around she tells Kong and Mia about her recent experience at an L.A. swingers club, and the ‘buckfest’ she took part in.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out what exactly a ‘buckfest’ is. She also shows Kong how to do her favorite sideways scissor position, and why she enjoys it so much. I took ample notes in case I run into Jessica at my next swinger’s party. Hey, a guy can dream.



One, two, three, hey look at Ms. Dee. Three, four, five, hey look at her jive. Ms. Dee, Ms. Dee, oh Ms. Dee…

Ok honestly, if you got that reference you’re either too old to be using a computer, or spent your childhood listening to your father’s record collection like I did. Of course I’ve seen my 70 year old father’s search history, so it’s perfectly possible that someone would know the song Mr. Lee, and also know who Sophie Dee is.

If you’re not familiar with Sophie Dee by name, chances are you’ve see one of her videos. Since 2005 she’s appeared in over 500 porn videos, and is currently ranked the number 24 viewed pornstar on Pornhub. Considering that Pornhub ranks and credits nearly 8000 performers by name, that’s quite an accomplishment for a doe-eyed girl from Wales in the UK.

In this episode of PornhubTV, Kong and co-host Mia Lelani chat with Sophie about practical issues like body hair management. When exactly is butthole hair acceptable? Well now I know. I feel enlightened.

But perhaps the most puzzling interesting part of the interview is Sophie’s response when asked about the nastiest sexual thing she’s ever done. If you want a graphic description of what an “ass smoothie” is, here’s your big chance. Can you get brain freeze in your butt too? Tune in to find out. But maybe not if you’re planning a trip to Orange Julius anytime soon.



Eva Lovia has been on fire lately. She’s relatively new to the industry, performing in small lesbian and solo scenes the last few years. This year however brought a big bump to her career when she was crowed winner of the DP Star 2015 Competition, and signed to Digital Playground.

Part of Eva’s appeal are her exotic looks. Born in California, she’s a very hot mix of Latina and Japanese. On her website, she describes herself as “the girl next door”, but we all know the girls who seem the most innocent are often the most wild. Thank goodness for that.

In this episode of PornhubTV, host Kong and co-host Mia Lelani get a first-hand lesson (literally) in the ancient art of cunnilingus from Eva. She didn’t hook up with her first girl until the age of 20, but in the 5 years since then she has apparently had a lot of time to practice.

I recommend watching the interview if only to hear about her craziest off-camera sex experience. It involved North Carolina, a strip club and kitchen sex. It did also involve a camera, but Eva still considers it an off-camera experience because it wasn’t meant for public viewing. Maybe a future sex tape? Can pornstars even release sex-tapes? Here’s hoping.



Caliente means hot! I discovered that pretty early in life. A full translation is not required when a tiny bottle of sauce says caliente accompanied by muchos exclamation marks and flames. It should be pretty self-explanatory. So when I come across a Latina pornstar named Carmen Caliente, I’m expect something hot hot hot. And it’s clear after watching this interview, that just like the sauce, she’s best taken in small doses. Girl has energy in excess!

Carmen comes from Florida, and has been filming porn since 2003 when she was 19. Her petite figure makes her a popular choice in teen and babysitter themed films – but experience is not something she’s lacking. PornhubTV caught up with Ms. Caliente at the 2015 AVN Awards. She had clearly been talking fans ears off all day, claiming her failing voice simply needed more semen to lubricate her throat. Or maybe some Dicks Vapo Rub would do the trick?

Kong gets a firsthand lesson on how to perform Carmen’s favorite position, Doggie Style, although he ends up looking more like a Chihuahua humping a leg. Enter pornstar Xander Corvus who was standing nearby and offered Kong advice on how to improve his technique. For all this, some twerking and mucho more, check out the video below.



In Greek Mythology, a Siren was a dangerous yet beautiful creature who lured sailors to their deaths on rocky coasts. In much the same way, PornhubTV’s Kong was lured toward Syren de Mer – a femme fatale and MILFilogical creature by her own right.

Syren is indeed a gorgeous MILF starlet who entered the adult industry in 2006 at the age of 37. Although she was no stranger to the swinger community of Seattle, her modelling photos eventually made their way to Lisa Ann – the mother of all MILFs – who signed Syren to her agency.

The rest as they say is ancient history, and Syren now has over 100 films behind her. She may look like the soccer mom next door – in fact, she’s the real life mom of two – but she’s also performed some of the naughtiest and roughest sex scenes in the industry.

She opens up to Kong and co-host Mia Lelani about her favorite on-camera fuck session – a gang bang involving 5 different guys. So what about off camera? You’ll have to watch the full interview to find out what Syren considers a REALLY big gang bang.