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Emily Grey (no relation to Sasha) is a porn vixen with the cutest freckled face, amazing brown hair, and dark eyes. She mostly does chat/cam shows and solo vids, but if you check her out on Pornhub you’ll find a few boy-girl scenes. Unfortunately, they’re all with Emily’s ex, porn star Dylan Snow. The dude kind of skeeves me out. I can’t really pinpoint why, it’s just a feeling I get.

I was so happy to find out they’re no longer together. Grey is pretty active on Twitter and recently she’s been all about the post breakup tweets. Obviously, it sucks that’s she sad or whatever it is that she’s going through, but maybe this means she’ll finally start working with other dudes.

What Emily Grey needs is to get an agent (or a better agent if she already has one) and to start working for big studios. She’s really popular (ranked 174 and rising on Pornhub), but the content isn’t really where it should be right now. That’s my opinion anyhow, for whatever it’s worth.

With her looks, Grey could rise to the top quickly. She could fill that Sasha Grey/Stoya skinny brunette niche we’ve got going on in the industry right now. That is, as long as she keeps her natural good looks and resists getting a boob job. I’m sure she’s had offers. Just say no Emily Grey, just say no.



This time around I have two PornhubTV interviews for you with pornstars at opposite ends of the adult entertainment spectrum – Karen Fisher and Alix Lynx.

Karen Fisher got her start in the adult industry in 2002 and has stared in over 50 films. She’s now the ripe (albeit firm) old age of 38 which means she’s well into the MILF part of her career. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s a smoking hot blonde with fabulous Double D breasts and a phat-tastic booty to match. So much so that PornhubTV host Kong can’t resist some ass motor boating action – hey, at least he asked first this time.

Up next is Alix Lynx, a relative new comer to the adult entertainment scene, filming her first scene in 2014. Alix started out as a webcam girl – and if you feel like spending some hard earned bank credit, you can still find her live online and ready to perform for you.

Would you believe Alix has a Bachelors Degree and MBA in Digital Marketing, and worked an office job in PR and Social Media Marketing before branching into adult? She claims that job boredom led her into porn. I also work in social media, but fortunately for everyone I can’t be found naked in front of my webcam. Hi mom!

Check out the full interviews below. Karen reveals the craziest thing she has done on camera, and what exactly a bakkake tastes like. Inquiring minds want to know this stuff. And Alix describes how she accidentally became involved in a 10 person orgy. Oops! I guess we’ve all been there.



Being able to show your naughty bits on the internet doing pervy porno things is everyone’s right in the country that I live in. I guess sometimes I take things for granted. If anyone were to tell me that I was going to be forced to stop being an internet pervert, I’d lash out like a crazy person and move to Canada or wherever it was still legal to play with myself online.

I’d never be welcomed in parts of the world that don’t allow porno to exist live and on the internet, but a place where it’s happening is in the Philippines, right now. The country just passed a new piece of legislation called the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” which outlaws both cyberspace and online video chatting during sexy time.

They define cybersex as,

“The willful engagement, maintenance, control or operation, directly or indirectly of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system for favour or consideration.”

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A cam girl identified as Cameron Knight had been going around Cornell filming videos of herself jilling off in the Law & Engineering libraries. Some dude stumbled upon the videos and recognized the Carpenter library as the setting of one of the porno shoot; excited as a pig in shit he proceeded to inform Ezra Hub, the student discussion board for Cornell University, and the story went viral.

Doing it in the stacks is a proud University tradition; number one on the 161 things every Cornellian should do, a list published every year. Cornell students might be getting a huge kick out of the story, but the same cannot be said of University officials:

Cornell’s top spokeswoman told The Cornell Daily Sun that the videos are “pretty sick.”

“When I was a kid, my mother said some people will do anything for attention, and 50 years later, I’m still amazed by how low people will go,” Claudia Wheatley told the Sun.

I’m betting Claudia Wheatley doesn’t watch a lot of porn, because a video of some blonde chick playing with herself under a library table while students study in the background is pretty tame in the world of pornography. God forbid the woman should ever come across squid porn, she would have a heart attack.

Unfortunately, as soon as the original video went viral everything was taken down, including Cameron Knight’s twitter account. I don’t know if the fact that every video of Cameron masturbating at Cornell was deleted had anything to do with University officials, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had their lawyers apply pressure to the sites hosting the videos.

I was, however, able to find a few screenshots of said cam videos, but some genius had to go and censor all the good parts. If any of you Peepz can find uncensored screenshots or one of the videos hit me up in the comment section and I’ll update the photo gallery. In the meantime, use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

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Lola Byrd will give a blowjob to every person who follows her on Twitter @misslolabyrd, kidding.



Being a full time cam girl and Pro Domme while I was in college was a blast. I loved being able to be kinky and explore sex with the people that I played with in person as well as the guys that paid to watch me do terribly filthy things to myself on different cam sites.

Then I hit this peek in my perversion where I was tired of doing what other people wanted to see me do. I was done with doing what other people wanted to see me do. It was time to start making my own fantasies happen.. Basically my pussy got greedy and decided it needed to be stuffed with as much cock as possible.

Once I decided that was my life’s ambition, I fucked my way around the states of New York and New Jersey having (protected at least) sex with hundreds of people.

Good times? Yes, for sure.

Was it the safest thing I ever did in my life? Not so much.

Ironically the thing to put the brakes on my physical sex addiction was XTube. It slowed down the craving that I had to hunt for new dick.  I ended up finding a nightly gang bang of as many dirty emails that I could handle.  So many hot guys with their cocks out just waiting for me to see them cum. I’ve always been cool with trading pictures and videos but it took me a long time before I was cool with doing cam shows again.

Being live is what freaks me out.  There are lots of things that can go wrong when you’re armed with a fistful of dildos and a wet pussy.  My self shot porno blooper real is dedonkulously long. I’m forever falling off of my bed or the arm of the couch…smacking my head into a wall or accidentally squirting all over my camera (that’s actually why I don’t shoot very many squirt vids anymore. Cameras are fucking expensive to replace).

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