Doesn’t Brissa kind of look like Amy Winehouse in that header pic?

When police officers were called to Edge Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, they found Instagram famous model Brissa Dominguez in the buff, which is exactly how God created her, but apparently, that ish doesn’t go down well with cops. Idk what their problem is.

Some douche cop handed her a towel so she could cover up (obviously he’s a douche if he wanted her to cover up… or not enough of a douche maybe?), but as he was handing her the towel she snatched it out of his hands and used it to whip his face.

(I bet that’s not the first time that officer was whipped.)

When they tried to arrest her, she resisted, obvi.

Upon her arrest the defendant intentionally kicked myself and other officers. She kicked me as I stood in front of her, and also in a mule kick when behind her while attempting to effect an arrest during difficult circumstances.

Huh, I didn’t know that move was called a mule kick. The more you know, amirite.

Anyhow, the cops weren’t down with getting beat up by an Instagram model so they subdued and arrested a nude Brissa Dominguez who was charged with trespassing, resisting an officer with violence, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

I wonder what she was doing there in the first place?! That’s what I really want to know. Instead of that juicy piece of information I’ve got to leave you with this detail: “She posted a $10,000 bond and walked from jail.”

Instagram has launched so many people’s careers. It’s kind of nuts.




Amber Rose isn’t so much bringing back the bush as joining a movement that’s been going on for a few years now where we’ve seen women show off more and more body hair, from their underarms to their pussies. As you all know, I’m all for the liberation of women and banning body shame to the dark dimension (I just watched Doctor Strange), so I’m always excited when an icon like Amber Rose tries to bring a little liberation and freedom back into our lives.

Amber Rose and her glorious bush:


It doesn’t hurt that she’s super hot too! Female liberation goes down easy when it’s got curves like that. Plus her bush is nice and neat with just enough density to make it hot. I’ve usually got some kind of bush going on, but I was going swimming yesterday and I didn’t have the patience to wax just the bikini line, so I used an electric trimmer to mow through the whole thing.

The internet has had some pretty good reaction to Amber Rose’s bush. Like this meme, which is hilarious:

? I’m so done with ya’ll Lol #baldheadscallywag #bringbackthebush ???

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But a lot of people are leaving hateful comments on her Instagram account. Seriously, Amber Rose gets a lot of hate. I don’t know how she handles it and I don’t understand people who follow people they dislike just to leave hateful comments. People needs to live their lives with a little more compassion and just let other people be who they fucking want to be.

Check out this vid of Amber showing a new type of strapless bra, but don’t read the comments:

Click on images below for larger tits versions:

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Welcome to my disembodied nightmare!

During my four-hour visit to the birthplace of the RealDoll, the frighteningly life-like full-body sex toy, I’ve seen mounds of silicone vaginas, sheets of detached nipples, headless women hanging from meat hooks, a 2-foot penis and skulls with removable faces that attach like refrigerator magnets.


Now, as we sit in the dim light of his R&D room, staring at his latest creation, Matt McMullen, the founder of Abyss Creations (the parent company behind the RealDoll), nonchalantly turns to me and says, “All I see is potential.”

For a man poised to bring millennia of male desire to life, McMullen, a small but striking figure who looks like a reformed industrial rocker, is surprisingly calm. Later this week, he’ll launch Harmony AI, the heart of RealBotix, a platform intended to bring artificial intelligence to McMullen’s sex dolls and companionship to the lonely, eccentric or curious.



I was driving home last night and some jagoff on the highway was tailgating me hardcore. He was driving a semi truck and he was so close to me that his lights were completely blinding me. I knew the fucker wanted me to sped up, but I was following the limit and it was raining so I wasn’t in the mood to fuck around.

Instead of pulling over and letting this asshole pull ahead I decided that the logical and prudent thing to do was slow the fuck down. Oh boy, this dude was pissed. We played this game where every time he started tailgating me I would slow down. I was enjoying it, but apparently the game wasn’t high stakes enough for him, because he decided to get as close to my car as humanly possible and then turn his high beams on.

Neither of us ended up in the ditch, which is the best thing I can say about the whole ordeal. I hope he gets pegged hard.

going back 2 LA march 11-21 … who wants to shoot ?! ? photo by @mikelrob ?

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Charlotte Mckee needs a caption.

“I need a caption.” – The entire female population.

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Paulina Gretzky needs a caption.


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You can always count on Instagram for some good cleavage and butt cheek shots. I’ve seen so many glorious asses today while scrolling through Insta that I need a minute to myself… or not. Actually, I need a minute alone with a perfectly nice stranger. Either way, I’m good.

I haven’t showered today, so I’m a little stinky, but some dudes like that, right? Right. At least that what I’ve been told in the dark recesses of the internet.

One of my friends was once asked by a dude she was dating to relax a little bit on the soap. Apparently, she was too diligent when it came to washing her pussy. At least, according to this random dude. Come to think of it, she was a stickler about hygiene. She always had some baby wipes with her to freshen up her nether region.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, but squeaky clean vaginas that taste like chemicals aren’t good either.

Abigayle Rockette writes a good caption.

*Insert face here* ???

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I just got back from a Johnny Sins Instagram session. I totally got lost there for a second. Johnny and Kissa lead a somewhat charmed life. Every time I check out their feeds I want to move to Hawaii, because why not? Hawaii must have jobs, right?

Okay, so I just got back from another internet rabbit hole. This time about moving to Hawaii. It looks complicated and hard. Blah, blah, winter, blah, blah, nipply boobs, blah, blah, here are some sexy pics from Instagram.

? @bornunderpunches_ // tranquility but still on the rugged like a gentle giant unplugged tokin on bud

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This is the most perfect picture of Keisha Grey I have ever seen.



I joined a gym, not because I’m trying to loose weight after the Holidays (I hate that), but rather, because it’s cold as all hell and they have a steam room, a hot tub, and a heated pool. I figured it would be cheaper to pay the gym membership than to pay my hot water bill.

I mention this, because like the horndog that I am I masturbated in the hot tub. Sure it’s a public place, but there was no one else there and I was discret about it. Okay, you got me, the dude at the front desk has a couple TVs where he can keep an eye on what’s happening in the hot tub/pool area, but it’s not like that’s the only thing he has to do, so what are the chances he was watching at the precise moment I was having an orgasm?

I need better self-control.

Outtakes from Foot Fetish Monthly by @peterkaaden ?

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Do you ever have a sex dream about a friend who you have zero romantic/sexy feelings for in real life, but then when you wake up you start feeling like maybe you should give it a try, so you spend the next two hours going through all of their pictures on Facebook and Instagram to see if you get any tingly feelings in your nether regions?

No, me neither.

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane

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Sommer Ray is those eyes. That ass. Those eyes. That ass. Those eyes and that ass.

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Bella Hadid has at least one nipple that we know of.


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For Halloween I put aside my usual plans of stuffing my face with candy and watching horror movies while hiding from the kids and I actually went out. I know, it’s a miracle. It will make sense in a minute, though, because it was a haunted house and THEY HAD CANDY. Okay, so it wasn’t so much a haunted house as it was a haunted maze like structure, which have or may not have looked like a corn field. I wasn’t scared. Nope. Not at all.

Happy Friday, Wednesday.

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April O’Neil is a geek’s wet dream.


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Inssssssstaaaaaaa! Just so you know, every time I say “Inssssstaaaaa!” in my head I’m pronouncing it like Marlon Brando says “Steeellllllaaaaaa!” in A Street Car Named Desire. Keep that in mind while you’re scrolling through these pics. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me who you’re favorite Instagram hotties are. I need new babes to follow!

Machine wash. Tumblr dry. . ? @rogerkisby

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? @rogerkisby

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Laundry Day. . ? @rogerkisby

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Riley Reid wins Instagram this week with a series of three pictures in her laundry room.