While Disneyworld may be bigger and better, I’m still a huge fan of Disneyland. There’s an old-Hollywood feel to the 60-year-old theme park and even though it’s been heavily renovated over the last decade, you still get the feeling that the ghost of Walt Disney walks around making sure nobody is having sex.

Wait, what?

According to Tom Hanks, the iconic sky buckets that used to carry park goers from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland were closed because Disney security caught too many people trying to have sex during the brief, private ride. He related the story while appearing on Conan O’Brien.

Speaking of the erotic antics that occur on the happiest place on earth, Hanks said:

“One of the problems was, there were a lot of people trying to join, let’s call it, the Mile High Club. In the sky buckets. There were other naughty stuff going on, but there were people that tried to, how do we say this, get the deed done. How to enjoy the e-ticket, maybe the g-ticket, maybe the o-ticket, I don’t know.”

Now there’s an attraction they don’t talk about in the commercials!


Okay, I’m gonna admit it. The trailer for Ghost In The Shell looks pretty amazing and Scarlett Johansson looks kickass. Sure, the whitewashing hella bothers me. I mean if you’re going to change the race of the main character why not change the setting as well? Clearly, it’s set in Japan circa 2029 and unless there’s a third world war where all the white people invade Japan it’s all a little misleading.

Okay, now that the trailer high has ebbed a little, all I can see it the whitewashing. The only Japenese people in the movie are extras.

Also, what the hell is up with ScarJo’s costume? Is she naked? Is that a beige onesie? What is happening with that outfit? I need an answer and I want it now, dammit!


Seriously, what is that? Too bad Scarlett Johansson can’t spend the whole movie naked on an operating slab. I could watch that for a couple hours without complaint. Sure, it would probably drag on after a while, but I’ve been known to find entertainment watching paint dry.*


It’s been a while since I’ve seen the original animated Ghost in the Shell and I never read the mangas, so the story is a little foggy in my head, so I can’t tell you how faithfull it is to the original, you know, besides the whole changing the race of the main character, WHICH IS A BIG DEAL, but this is android ScarJo boobies, so it was my duty as a fellow perv to post this trailer.



As a young lass I had a pretty big crush on Christian Slater. I blame several movies for this awakening: Heathers, Gleaming The Cube, Young Guns II, True Romance, and last, but not least Pump Up The Volume. PUTV was a revelation! I thought every word that came out of Hard Harry’s mouth was pure poetry. The music was awesome and the whole flick had this really sexy vibe to it with Christian Slater’s character and Samantha Mathis’s character getting all up in each other’s business.

Seriously, if I could time travel to a reality that only existed on film, I would screw Christian Slater so hard. So hard. Fuck time travel. I’d screw him now.

Okay, that’s enough about Christian Slater (IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH)… the person we’re really here to see is Samantha Mathis. Samantha Mathis as the Eat Me Beat Me Lady in Pump Up The Volume. She was perfect. Her hair was perfect, her perky boobs were perfect, her dark red lipstick was perfect. She was the embodiement of the quintessential ’90s cool girl and I wanted her as much as I wanted to be her.

I mean, damn.


Talk hard, I like that. It’s like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind.

If you’ve got a thing for ’90s nostalgia and you’ve never seen Pump Up the Volume I suggest you go seek it out now. There’s a scene where Samantha’s character shows up at Christian’s house and they stand around his backyard with their shirts off. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife. A knife, I tell you.

Just thinking about it is getting me worked up. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? I need a cold shower or a five minute break, so I can attend to my needs.

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UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is most famous for walking around a bunch of bloody, sweaty dudes while holding a giant number in the air. In a sport dominated by athletes who absorb blows with their head, Arianny and the other ring girls serve as the faces of the organization and a means of breaking up the homoerotic tension associated with mixed martial arts. She’s also pretty handy in a fight.

When she isn’t snapping limbs and signing autographs, Arianny can be seen in a bunch of random crossover projects that capitalize on her popularity with the male audience. In this particular example, she’s hosting a game of Star Trek Strip Trivia.

While I’m a pretty solid fan of the Star Trek movies, I have no fucking clue what the answers to any of these questions are. However, if you watch the video from start to finish she strips down regardless of if you answer the questions or not. While she may not get strip down completely, even a half-naked Arianny Celeste is worth watching – and you can pick up some interesting Star Trek trivia while you’re at it.


A generation ago, the pornography industry was defined by two iconic films: Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas. While almost everyone today has heard of them, very few people born after their release have taken the time to seek out and watch these pieces of porn history.

Thanks to the operators of a Rooftop Cinema in Perth, Australia, a whole new generation of people will have the chance to see one of these films in a funky, cool setting.

Australia and porn have sort of a bitter sweet relationship. On one hand, the government regularly tries to prevent people from watching it in an effort to do something about poor parenting, and on the other hand they have a god damn political party devoted to porn and sex related issues. Regardless of what the Queen might think, the Rooftop Cinemas in Perth will be airing  Deep Throat with nothing but the stars and god overhead.

The quirky cinema tries to pick movies with a cult following and admits that the decision to show hardcore pornography was a risk. Jess Darlow, a reprehensive of the cinema, explains their decision. She stated:

“That one was a bit of a nerve-wracking choice for us. We try and have fun with it and put films up that have a cult following—ones people might have missed when they came out but had a second wind through the internet.”

I don’t know what’s going on here, because according the IMDB Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood plays sisters in this movie. Granted, I don’t have a sister, but I imagine sisters aren’t usually all up in each other’s boobies.

The internet tells me that Into The Forest is a little movie about two sisters surviving in the woods in a post-apocalyptic world and if I’m to trust the trailer (which I don’t) it looks right up my alley:

Plus, as far as actors go, I really like Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. I think they’ll make a good on-screen duo. The movie looks beautifully shot and also kind of creepy, which always works for me. And then there’s the bonus of seeing Ellen’s boobs.

She’s not exactly an actor known for sexy nude roles, although, she has been in various states of undress before for movies such as Super, Whip It, The Tracey Fragments, and Hard Candy. Incidentally, I recommend you watch all those. Just don’t start with Hard Candy unless you’ve got a strong stomach for traumatic movies.

I went to school with a girl who went to school with a guy who went to school with Ellen Page, so basically we’re like best friends IRL. True story.

I was going to go on a rant about how we need an X-Men parody starring an Ellen Page lookalike as Kitty Pryde (awesome porn name btw), but then I remembered that we already have one. In 2014, Katie St.Ives starred as Kitty Pryde in X-Men XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

Not exactly a lookalike, but it works. I used to dislike Kitty Pryde, because I sort of resented the way she replaced Rogue’s character in the original X-Men movies, but I’ve gone ahead and forgiven her. Like I said earlier, Ellen Page and I are like best friend IRL. It’s true, I totally knew this is what her boobs looked like.



I don’t know why I keep writing articles about Playboy, because I really couldn’t give less of a shit about the whole damn brand. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I got a little thrill the other day when I peeped their latest cover when I was at the magazine store buying a stamp. Yes, they still makes those… magazines AND stamps.

Playboy Enterprises Inc. CEO Scott Flanders is leaving as the company explores a sale and sells its mansion.

Ben Kohn, managing partner at private investment firm Rizvi Traverse Management, has been named interim CEO of Playboy.

Flanders, who received Playboy’s top slot in 2009, is joining eHealth Inc., a private health insurance exchange, as its CEO.  He will remain on Playboy’s board of directors and retain a five to six percent ownership stake in the company. […]

It was Flanders who orchestrated the adult entertainment magazine’s move away from nudity in its U.S. edition in search of more eyeballs. But since its March edition, the company has been subject of acrimony by some for its landmark move to toss out naked ladies.

Recently, Hugh Hefner’s son, Cooper Hefner, ripped Flanders for the nudity ban, saying that he didn’t agree with his vision for the storied brand.




The year was 1972, Sissy Spacek appeared in her first credited film role as Poppy; an orphan who is being sold into prostitution by a cattle rancher. Weird, I know. It’s true, though, Prime Cut starring Gene Hackman is about a Chicago mob enforcer who is sent to Kansas City to settle a debt with a cattle rancher (Hackman) who is in the habit of grinding his enemies into sausage and likes to sell women as sex slaves like he’s auctioning off cattle.

Prime Cut was considered a controversial movie at the time due to the violence and pseudo-sexy scenes depicting female slavery. Oh, and something something about a homosexual relationship between two brothers.

I haven’t seen the movie, but at this point I kind of wanna. Apparently, there’s a scene in the movie between Lee Marvin who plays the enforcer and Angel Tompkins who plays Gene Hackman’s wife that was heralded by Jack Sowards, the dude who wrote The Wrath of Khan, as the hottest scene in a movie between two people wearing clothes.

Not bad, not bad. Plus, there’s a young Sissy Spacek’s boobs and bush to consider. Those two things alone are worth the price of admission. Just look at her, she definitely had that je ne sais quoi that made you want to ravage her wide-eyed innocence. It’s okay, though, she might look super young, but she’s actually in her twenties. I feel like less of a perv already.



Gaspar Noe, director and writer of such classics as Irreversible and Enter the Void, has released the promotional posters to the new movie he’s working on, Love 3D, at the Cannes Film Festival. The posters are… shall we say… rather risqué. The movie, which is described by IMDB as: “a sexual melodrama about a boy and a girl and another girl,” is a passionate love story that explores the many joys of sex.

According to the Cannes Film Festival, however, the movie is much more than that:

January the 1st, early morning. The telephone rings. Murphy wakes up next to his young wife and 2-year-old child. He listens to his voicemail: Electra’s mother, sick with worry, wants to know whether he has heard from her daughter. Electra’s been missing for a long time. She’s afraid something really bad has happened to her.

Over the course of a long rainy day, Murphy finds himself alone in his apartment, reminiscing about the greatest love affair of his life, his two years with Electra. A burning passion full of promises, games, excesses and mistakes…

Starring Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin, the French flick is sure to be a wild ride. As it looks right now, Love 3D should be classified as porn what with the unsimulated sexual acts and the graphic sex scenes, but, you know, because it’s French and it features bush the whole thing is considered art. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Too bad it’s only coming out sometime next year.

It will be worth the wait, though, according to Gaspar the first five minutes of the movie is going to make guys hard and girls wet. The promotional posters aren’t a bad indicator as far as I’m concerned. Tent pants and wet panties it is.



MrSkin has done it again and created another amazing list—the Top 10 Juiciest Asses in Hollywood. The world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity has picked the roundest and finest celebrity rumps from movies and television and compiled them in one sexy list for you to indulge in.

So enjoy and take a look at all the hot celebrity babes that cracked the list!

1. Jennifer Lopez in Booty

The music video for the appropriately titled Jennifer Lopez single has the butt-tastic babe going ass-to-ass with the posteriorly-plump pop star Iggy Azalea. Booty will make you horny!


2. Vida Guerra in Eastbound & Down

The Cuban-born glamour model will put a cigar in your pants when you see her ass-tastic body double work on the HBO sports comedy series. That’s a bottom that will have your hand going southbound!