This time around I have two PornhubTV interviews for you with pornstars at opposite ends of the adult entertainment spectrum – Karen Fisher and Alix Lynx.

Karen Fisher got her start in the adult industry in 2002 and has stared in over 50 films. She’s now the ripe (albeit firm) old age of 38 which means she’s well into the MILF part of her career. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s a smoking hot blonde with fabulous Double D breasts and a phat-tastic booty to match. So much so that PornhubTV host Kong can’t resist some ass motor boating action – hey, at least he asked first this time.

Up next is Alix Lynx, a relative new comer to the adult entertainment scene, filming her first scene in 2014. Alix started out as a webcam girl – and if you feel like spending some hard earned bank credit, you can still find her live online and ready to perform for you.

Would you believe Alix has a Bachelors Degree and MBA in Digital Marketing, and worked an office job in PR and Social Media Marketing before branching into adult? She claims that job boredom led her into porn. I also work in social media, but fortunately for everyone I can’t be found naked in front of my webcam. Hi mom!

Check out the full interviews below. Karen reveals the craziest thing she has done on camera, and what exactly a bakkake tastes like. Inquiring minds want to know this stuff. And Alix describes how she accidentally became involved in a 10 person orgy. Oops! I guess we’ve all been there.



Double your pleasure, double your fun. PornhubTV presents Jasmine Jae and Sophia Knight at the 2015 AVN Show. These girls are both relative newcomers to the industry, Sophia starting at the age of 24, and Jasmine at 29. Wait, wouldn’t 29 put her immediately into the MILF category?

I think the best part of listening to these two is their sexy accents, as both hail from the United Kingdom. Jasmine is from Birmingham, England and Sophia is from Dundee, Scotland. Aside from that, these two performers couldn’t be more different. Sophia is petite 5’5”, 104 lbs with a beautiful set of natural tits. Jasmine is a relatively tall 5’8”, 126 lbs comprised mostly of her pornstar class E cup tits.

When it comes to sex, Sophia has only performed girl-girl scenes so far (I’m certainly not complaining), whereas Jasmine admits she will do anything on camera, in fact her ‘big’ adult film debut was with Brazzers contract star Danny D.

Check out the video below to hear both girls give Kong and co-host Mia Lelani a crash course on squirting and anal double penetration.



The PornhubTV crew recently caught up with Bridgette B at the 2015 AVN Awards. Bridgette B — who is actually more of a Bridgette Double D, was happy to take a break from entertaining fans and signing autographs to chat with host Kong and co-host Mia Lelani.

Bridgette is a gorgeous Spanish babe with fantastic huge tits, perfectly shaped nipples and a great ass to match. You can take one look and her and know she was made to be a pornstar. Originally from Barcelona, Spain she is often known as The Spanish Doll, but claims her pornstar name comes from Bridgette Bordeaux.

Bridgette was a real life sorority girl while she attended school at Kent University in Ohio. While there, she put her assets to work as a part-time stripper, which lead her into the adult industry. Since 2008 she has appeared in over 200 adult films with some of the industry’s biggest names. Despite her continuous popularity, she won the AVN Award in 2012 for the most Unsung Starlet.

In this episode of PornhubTV Bridgette opens up to Kong about her biggest fantasy brought to reality, and together, they invent a new sex position to replace scissoring. I won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s based on a WWE wrestling move inspired by Ric Flair. Check out the full interview below.



Bonnie Rotten is the only pornstar named after a zombie girl – at least that’s according to my research, of which I’ve done quite a bit, because it’s Bonnie Rotten and I can’t get enough of her. Why zombies? She started her career modelling nude for the magazine Girls and Corpses. Yes, that’s a thing. I’m sure you can pick up a copy at your local supermarket.

Bonnie comes from Cincinnati, Ohio and gained fame traveling the US as an automotive model and stripper. Ohio is the Detroit of the Midwest, and the home of Ford’s Cleveland Engine Plant, known for producing their 5.0L Mustang V8s. Like those engines, Bonnie is loud, brash and able to shred rubber (plus latex and vinyl).

Bonnie is covered head to toe in tattoos, including spectacular spider webs on her double D tits. I picture her using these to draw in mesmerized males and then bite their heads off like a black widow.

The PornhubTV crew caught up with Bonnie (or were caught by her) at the 2015 AVN show. Kong and Mia Lelani ask about her best and worst sex experiences, and favorite sex positions. Kong earns a first hand lesson on how best to perform the pile driver, and Mia gets tips on how to go down on a girl. According to Bonnie it starts by lifting back the hood – proof again that Bonnie is as comfortable around chicks as she is with cars. Check out the full interview below.



Alexis Adams is a beautiful ex-cheerleader who was also a top Playboy model. Still photography lacked the action she craved, so she transitioned from modelling into the porn at the age of 20 and hasn’t looked back.

At only 5 foot 5 inches and 120 lbs, Alexis plays on her teen looks and natural curves. Yes, I said natural. Alexis sports 100% natural C-cup tits, a relative rarity amongst pornstars (and the streets of Beverly Hills).

Of course when I hear 100% natural C, I immediately think of Florida orange juice. Fitting, because Alexis originally comes from Florida – although oranges are more B-cup sized, whereas C-cup is entering grapefruit territory.

PornhubTV caught up with Alexis at the 2015 AVN Show. Kong and co-host Mia Lelani get all the details on Alexis’ first boy-girl-girl threesome scene, in which she goes down on a girl and gets fisted for the first time. Did she like it? Watch the full interview below to find out!



Abigail Mac is a late comer to the porn scene, starting in 2012 at the age of 24. Since then she has appeared in over 50 sex scenes for some of the industry’s biggest studios including Brazzers and Mofos.

Personally, I prefer girls who are early comers – that way I can finish up and get back to drinking my beer while it’s still cold. Abigail on the other hand enjoys marathon sex, particularly of the lesbian variety.

Porn is soooo much hotter when you can tell the girls are seriously into it, and that’s been clear in every Abigail Mac movie I’ve seen. Her threeway with Evi Fox and Rahyndee James in Horny Lesbian Sisters is one of the hottest videos I’ve ever watched.

PornhubTV caught up with the petite 5’2” pornstar at the 2015 AVN Show to find out what turns her on, both on and off camera.

She even tells Kong and co-host Mia Lelani about her ultimate sexual fantasy. Here’s a hint: it involves Mount Everest, hang gliding and a bear skin rug. Curious? Catch the full details in the interview video below.


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My favorite part of award shows is the red carpet. Silly, I know. It’s like the build up to the Oscars. All the celebrity TV shows are there hours in advance and they cover everything you need to know about the upcoming night. I like getting a preview of the show without actually sitting down and watching the whole thing.

Plus, you get to see what all the hot celebs are wearing and you get mini interviews about the most random things. It’s great. The AVN Awards are no different. Or actually, better, because at the AVN Awards the question “Who are you wearing?” takes on a whole new meaning.

The PornhubTV crew was at the 2014 AVN Awards and they were able to talk to all the stars as the arrived on the red carpet. It was a good time, because all the hot pornstars were decked out to the nines and we get to see a highlight reel of some of the hottest stars of the biz telling us about their weirdest masturbation fantasy.

Besides the couple who was into horse and dog porn, things didn’t get too weird, but it’s still interesting to find out what our favorite stars masturbate too. Actually, I don’t care if you’re a star or not, I think it’s interesting to find out what you think about when you masturbate.



Hallelujah! For once, Kong of PornhubTV and Simple Pick Up isn’t being totally inappropriate with the person he’s interviewing at the 2014 AVN Awards. That might be because the person being interviewed is a man, but I can’t be sure. Either way, it’s a damn miracle.

Don’t let the fact that you won’t be seeing any tits and ass in this video stop you from watching it, Huggy Bear porn director extraordinaire for Brazzers, has some interesting things to say about the goings on behind the camera.

Huggy has had 10 years of experience behind the camera so he’s definitely got some gems for you Peepz: “Pornography is awesome, it’s a really good way for people to find and explore their sexuality without having to really put anyone in harms way, you know what I’m saying. If you’re watching something where you’re getting your balls stomped and you’re like “I may like this” then, you know, it was a comfortable way to expose you to something like that.”

As good a quote as that it, the best take away from this interview is definitely: “It’s not all blow jobs and rainbows, sometimes people poop.”



Rachel Starr has a very nice bum. If you’re not familiar with her work, you need to know about her bum. It’s very very nice. And you get to see a lot of it in this PornhubTV interview at the 2014 AVN Awards.

It’s worth a watch. Just for the ass jiggling ass (skip to the end if that’s all you want to see), but if you make yourself watch the whole interview you’ll also see interviewers extraordinaire Kong and Coco Velvett make-out with Rachel Starr. Kong was really into it. Me thinks the boy has a crush on Starr.

I like this particular interview because it’s shot in Rachel’s hotel room at the AVN Awards as opposed to the convention floor. It gives it a nice intimate feel. Also, the whole thing is pretty damn bananas.

For starters none of them are wearing pants. And Kong is clearly wasted, which leads to a lot of inappropriate touching. I mean, A LOT. So much more inappropriate touching. More than every other interview combined. Bananas, I said.

Rachel Starr handles it all like a pro and a lady, though, which makes her a pleasure to watch. I especially enjoyed listening to the stories she told about transitioning from stripping to porn, as well as her most awkward scene, which involved a bucket load of oil, too much slipping action, and a bloody nose.



In the past most people wandered into their professions after trying a number of different paths, specifically in the porn industry. They may have started out doing some simple modeling before going topless, and eventually appearing in a softcore scene. There was a lot of build up before a performer appeared in a hardcore fuck flick.

And then there’s Meiko Askara.

Rather than waste time appearing in music videos or underwear ads, Meiko dove into the porn industry vagina first. After deciding she wanted to be a porn star she signed up to appear in a hardcore gangbang scene with That’s pretty admirable. It’s nice to meet young people who know what they want to do so early in life.

PornhubTV caught up with the aspiring starlet and asked her about her thoughts on the industry and where her career is going.