Pornhub Goes BeeSexual

April 17, 2019
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Saving the bees is really fucking important, Peepz. My inlaws are weekend beekeepers so we’ve always got fresh honey in the house. Before I met my wife, I really wasn’t educated on the importance of bees though. Bees are dying at an alarming rate and Pornhub has stepped up to the plate to educate the […]

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Cum Perfume

April 2, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to smell like sex?  That guttural, primal, sloppy smell that makes your clothes fall off while your genitals are getting ready for some action?  Sometimes I miss the way it smells to have sex with a man, because fucking a woman and fucking a man do not smell the same way. […]

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Fap Along With Harlot: Sunshine and Pussy

February 23, 2019
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I get fixated on themes, Peepz. That’s probably why writing these Fap Alongs is my favorite thing to do all week. My brain has been looking for the unique things that make clips hot to me. Lots of performers wear black, red and purple lingerie, but not many wear the colors of sunshine. This week […]

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Emily Ratajakowski Launches Lingerie Line

February 17, 2019
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When that infamous video for Blurred Lines dropped, I had no idea who Emily Ratajowski was. If I’m being honest, when the story about her new lingerie line with Imorata crossed my timeline, I still had to do a bit of searching to figure out who she was and why people cared that she was […]

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Orgasm at Midnight

January 10, 2019
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One of the tricks that I randomly have stuffed up my sexual sleeve is the fact that I am nearly able to cum on command. It only takes 20 seconds or so for me to go from considering masturbation to making a huge puddle on my sheets. I control it most of the time, but […]

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Nicki Minaj is Getting Dicked Down Right

January 9, 2019
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Nicki Minaj is hardcore in love and I’m here for it. We’re all on the outside of this relationship, so the only way in is through Internet spectacles, which can make things a little bit blurry sometimes. I feel as though she has never been as public about a relationship before, and I love how […]

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Five Sexy Insta Accounts I Wasn’t Following (but am now)

January 8, 2019
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At the end of the year, every Internet publication (including this one) seems to be obsessed over year end wrap up posts. While most of the posts are just fluff to rehash things that have already happened, sometimes you can find gems that you’ve missed. I like reading through them for that exact reason. This […]

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Building Intimacy Without Sex

December 23, 2018
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Everyone gets busy, especially this time of year. The end of the year means that you’re trying to add extra hours into your already cramped schedule so that you can make everyone feel a little bit more appreciated. It’s easy to be exhausted at the end of the day and forget to appreciate your partner. […]

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Sex Fall Lawsuit Bust

November 22, 2018
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Accidents happen sometimes, Peepz. The accidents that happen when we’re naked in our bedrooms are sometimes the most embarrassing…but that’s only because of the stigma that society has forced on our brains. Sex is fun and passionate. When people accidentally get hurt during the process, it usually makes for a good story after you’ve had […]

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Woman Wearing Body Paint Visits Mall In Sexy ‘Experiment’

November 19, 2018
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A really good way to give a stunt some academic credibility is to call it a “social experiment.” These are usually done by YouTube personalities who make videos of themselves being rude to strangers and, while they have no scientific value, are a good way to upload pranks and make them sound less mean. However […]

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