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by Alpha Harlot on October 14, 2018

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Vacations were few and far between in my twenties. I was always in long distance relationships with guys who insisted that I travel to them, so I’d go for weekend jaunts and end up only being a tourist inside of a hotel room. At the time I wasn’t complaining, because traveling for sex was new and exciting. Now I look back and wish I had actually visited San Antonio, Austin and Atlanta for more than just some cock.

My wife and I love traveling with each other. We have similar tastes in that we like our trips to be equal parts adventure and relaxation. Our honeymoon in Puerto Rico was amazing. My favorite experience was either hiking through the rain forest, or fucking in the pool on our last night there. Both were things that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, while the hotel sex with my ex’s is forgettable at best.

We have brought up going on a legit sexcation before. There are plenty of LGBT cruises out there where clothing is optional and things tend to get a little out of hand. It’s definitely a dream of ours, but we’re not completely sold on getting on a boat.

Sex Island would be an option, if it was lady friendly. They’re offering unlimited sex, drugs and pussy to men who pay a hefty sum (over $6000 USD) for the privilege of visiting the island of paradise. Four days is a long time to have a hardon, Peepz. They promise that there will be 60 girls, with only 30 guests, unlimited food and alcohol plus a fuck ton of partying. Each guest gets 2 women per day.

Here’s their promo video with totally SFW highlights (except for hotties in bathing suits? Those are SFW though, right?)

Do you think you would be able to hang with the ladies for four full days? I’m not sure that I could. I’d probably be hella psyched the first and second days, but then by the end of the third day my cunt would be so sore I’d have to ice it down. I’m curious about you though…

Does going on a four day sex trip in paradise interest you? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter. If you are interested in going to Sex Island (and I sure hope you are), you can purchase your entry HERE on their website.


Image: April O’Neil in Vacation Flirtation by Brazzers

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