Taylor Momsen Lifting Up Skirt & Stripping Fan Dyke Out

by Bucky Beall on March 28, 2011

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Taylor Momsen is a 17 year old actress and musician popular with teens, attention starved 20-something chicks, and pervy losers like me – some marketing genius figured out that if they dressed Momsen like a dominatrix and had her slut around and show some flesh, they could simultaneously get coverage from the “controversy”, while also attracting interest from:

– Teens who think she’s dangerous.

– Repressed young adult girls who view here as a role mode.

– We in the wank community who like skanky tramps.

I guess I’m playing into their game but I have a feeling you’re not going to help her and her manager’s/record label’s/publicity team’s cashing in by buying copies of her album or watch teen drama Gossip Girl – avoid her $$$ hustle and just hit up some softcore dirty pics of her in concert with her “band” The Pretty Reckless.

Since Peeperz is the New York Times of tits, we’ve been covering the breaking news of this new fad of  hot chick fans getting on stage with Taylor Momsen and taking off their clothes while Taylor writhes around them in a fake dykey way. We have pics of the in-trend of 2011 at a recent show in France – as a bonus Momsen was also lifting up her skirt all the way up to show the audience her panties.

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