Teams Allowed Sex During World Cup Advance Further!

by RICK RODAY on July 9, 2014

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There’s a belief in professional sports that having sex before a big game will deplete a male athlete of testosterone and affect his ability to perform. It’s especially common in combat sports where coaches and trainers will prohibit fighters from having sex for weeks leading up to a fight in hopes of maximizing their aggression and focus.

During this year’s World Cup many coaches decided to ban sex for their players hoping to achieve similar results. As it would turn out this decision did have a major impact on the players’ performance.

All teams that prohibited their players from having sex were eliminated by the Round of 16. Whoops!

Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were eliminated during the group stage of the tournament, despite the fact that these players were banned from having sex to boost their determination. Mexico and Chile also had bans on players scoring goals off the field, and neither team advanced past the Round of 16. Womp womp!

While we know there’s some testosterone lost during ejaculation, there isn’t any scientific evidence to suggest that this is enough to affect an athlete’s performance. Some coaches feel that the drowsy, unfocused feelings that some people follow after an orgasm can accumulate if athletes have too much sex.

Meanwhile countries like Brazil and the Netherlands have specifically stated that their players are allowed to have sex as long as they don’t get injured or tire themselves out. Both these teams made it to the semifinals and are two games away from winning the World Cup.

Maybe having sex actually gave them extra flopping power?

I’ve stated before that if masturbating had any negative or positive effects on one’s health, I would either be dead or immortal at this point. Unless there’s some extra nutrient depleting aspect of actual sexual intercourse that my Fleshlight and I can’t replicate, there’s not a lot of reason to prohibit sexual activity from athletes. It has very little chance of helping them and may in fact only hinder their morale and motivation.


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