Telenovela Star Andrea Garcia Full Frontal Nude Pics

by Lola Byrd on August 26, 2011

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My high school Spanish teacher used to make us watch telenovelas when he was too lazy to actual crack the books open. Let’s just it was a regular occurrence. To this day Spanish language skills are limited to ordering bear and asking someone out on a date.

Still there’s something to be said about watching a soap opera in a language that you don’t understand that can make it rather interesting, especially when they feature babes as hot as Andrea Garcia.

Fuuuck, seriously, when I was arranging this gallery of pics I found myself a little envious of this bodacious babe’s naked bod. Look at these tits and ass, godliness incarnate.

Even when you consider that the good people at H Extremo Magazine probably photo-shopped the hell out of these pics, that still makes Andrea Garcia one hell of a babe.

I love her little triangle of pubes!

After getting over the body issues this hot piece of ass temporarily inspired, I gotta tell you she’s my new favorite Spanish crush. Pretty sure, I won’t be the only one dreaming of oiling this babe up after you all take a look at these pics.

If you want to see her in action, get a glimpse of her acting skills in the serial Triunfo del Amor. You are sure to get you’re fill of sexy slap-fests and adulterous affairs.

Get ready, get set, blow your load!

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