Testosterone Therapy To Increase Sex Drive, General Manliness?

by Calvin Clark on April 8, 2016

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Though a wide range of psychological and physical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction, the primary cause is a decline in testosterone production that typically occurs during the late 30s. Erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis simply treat a symptom, not a condition. For most men this is good enough. They don’t want to run a marathon or play football in the mud, they just want to plow their wives/mistresses/secretaries or what have you.

Some men, however, want a little bit more out of sweet mama science.

According to mainstream news outlets, the next big thing in boner management is a means of increasing testosterone production artificially. Several pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly and Abbot are producing the male hormone boosters that reignite the spark in men who otherwise don’t produce the same amount of testosterone as in their youth.

A lot of other body functions are affected by testosterone. In addition to restoring a man’s sex drive, increased levels could also improve their ability to build and retain muscle mass, boost one’s metabolism, and increase energy levels. In fact, one of the biggest controversies in Mixed Martial Arts is fighters as young as 30 using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to restore their bodies to a more youthful state in order to compete more effectively.

If these medications sound too good to be true, you would be correct. In addition to restoring a little bit of one’s youth, TRT can also cause blood clots, prostate cancer, and liver damage. Bummer!

If you’re an aging athlete that wants to be a contender again or an older man surrounded by younger, available women and don’t mind potentially shortening your life, then by all means ask your doctor about testosterone replacement treatments. It’s better to die young and leave a beautiful, fully erect corpse anyway.

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