The Best Nude Scenes From “True Blood”

by mr skin on June 20, 2013

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It’s that time again on HBO, when the dark and dirty vampire series True Blood really gets stakes pounding!

With episodes full of nakedness, vampires, and blood gushing moments of ecstasy, it’s sure to leave you hungry for more! Anna Paquin, psychic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse, brings it hard this year, and she shares the stage with plenty of sexy supernatural sirens.

When Lizzy Caplan, Lynn Collins, Jessica Clark, Natasha Alam, and Jamie Gray Hyder let their flesh bare, it will make your blood boil, and turn your pants into a shapeshifter!


True Blood has all your wildest fears and fantasies, introducing werewolves, telepaths, shape shifters, fairies, and vampires who have no problem sucking your flowing red life source and every nude appendage available. Sink your teeth into nudes from supernatural hotties, exhibitionist strippers like Tiffany Taylor, bad girls like Lizzy Caplan, and the series star Anna Paquin who bares it all while banging her vampire lovers! has put together the hottest True Blood Playlist of celeb nudity, sure to make your long fellow stand at attention. At, you get skinstant access to 31,000 titles and 46,000 video clips ranging from the earliest Hollywood nudity to today’s hottest “nudecomers”!

Lizzy Caplan shows us some burning hot boobage in the episode  Burning House of Love.


Lynn Collins gets her bloody groove on and gives you some hot nipple action in Mine


True Blood turns on the lycanthropic lesbian lust in Who Are You, Really? and Jamie Gray Hyder makes her boobies known!


Jessica Clark plays the vampire god Lillith and exposes the holy trinity of boobs, buns, and bush, in the episode In The Beginning.


Tied up and hot, Pack Of Wolves’ Vixen sweats it out and gives us all a taste of her rack!


Star of True Blood, Anna Paquin gives us all a bloody boner with her banging boobs and she’s hungry for love!


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