The Bulldog – Sex Position Of The Week

by Bucky Beall on October 13, 2010

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We all acted out our space fantasies with the Launch Pad last week.  For this  installment of  Sex Position of the Week we’re coming down to earth and connecting to our animal nature.  Lets get down and dirty in the animal kingdom with the hottest teachers you’ll ever have, pornstars Kream and Eva Luxuria, as they instruct The Bulldog.

Often the best positions are those that are variations on the classics. The Bulldog is a take on doggy style, to rock this fuckmove,  get the girl in the classic taking-it-from-behind-dirty-dog on all fours with her head down and have her get the ass arched way up.

The main twist comes is how you give it to her: lean over her from behind but stay standing up, keep the knees off of the bed and stay mostly on the balls of your feet, if you need support brace your hands on her ass/lower back/bed and lean in.

Kream, as the taker, liked this position, as it was so pleasurable and she didn’t have to do any work. She said that it felt very good, with the giver on their feet they can really really thrust, so the cock goes in very deep and hard. Eva, as the giver, found The Bulldog to be a little tiring and reported that when she finished, her knees were shaky from the work out.

Look out for this one though. It must bring out the beast nature, the girls were growling and barking as they got into it.

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  • Chuchamunga

    She’s not thrusting nearly as hard as I usually do. This is one of my favorite positions. Really useful when I’m having trouble finishing.

  • Spanxya

    what are the names of these two lovely ladies?

    • Bucky

      Kream and Eva Luxuria

  • Checkyourpants2000

    BS I named that the quarterback years ago

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